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ENGL 4860 Internship in Writing, Editing or Publishing (3 credits)

Introduction to the practices of creative and/or professional writing, editing, and/or publishing. Students work on specific projects or internships to gain experience in editing, writing, submitting work for publication, gain an understanding of standard practices and issues in creative and professional writing markets and gain knowledge of careers in creative and professional editing and publishing. Course may be taken as an arranged course for university and off-campus internships. Prerequisite(s): ENGL 1151 or ENGL 2352 and two of the following ENGL 3115, ENGL 3125, ENGL 3145, ENGL 4116, ENGL 4126, ENGL 4146, MASC 3720, MASC 3790 or instructor permission.
Common Course Outline