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ENVR 4610 Sustainability: Theory and Practice (4 credits)

Becoming agents of positive change in our communities requires building many different skill sets. This course will build core competencies of community leadership and focus on sustainability issues in our community. We will integrates theories, principles and practices of sustainability throughout the course and explore how various entities such as the University, the City of Bemidji, local tribes, companies, non-profits and individuals approach sustainability actions and choices. We will explore issues such as energy, water, waste, food and transportation as well as diversity, equity and inclusion in decision making. Students will be asked to identify a specific problem facing our community and utilize Problem and Project Based Learning (PBL) techniques to directly engage with these local issues, connect with the stakeholders involved and work together to propose potential solutions. Prerequisite(s): ENVR 2000 or consent of instructor.
Common Course Outline