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PSY 4588 Multicultural Psychology (4 credits)

The purpose of this course is to examine cultural processes as a defining characteristic of what it is to be human, and as a central, or proximal variable in psychology. This course is intended to provide students with a better appreciation of the myriad of ways in which culture determines psyche and behavior, and to enhance their awareness of the countless variations in human behavior across cultures. In this course, we will examine the goals and nature of multicultural and cross-cultural psychology. In this course, we will consider current theories and research on culture, race, and ethnicity. Topics covered in the class range from culturally relevant styles of communication, values from different cultures, racial identity, power and privilege, and issues around health. This course will help prepare students to grapple with issues of multiculturalism in the modern diverse society. Prerequisite(s): PSY 3401 and senior standing in the major or consent of instructor.
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