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Updated 2020-2021 Undergraduate Catalog

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Gender and Women's Studies Courses

All Gender and Women's Studies Courses

GWS 1200 Men's Issues (3 credits)

An exploration of the theoretical and social construction of masculinities. Hegemonic masculinity is examined in an attempt to understand the challenges it has created for men, women, and children. Students engage in reading, writing, and conversations about how gender and masculinity shape and impact relationships, family, work, education, and society. Personal beliefs and values related to masculinity are also addressed. Liberal Education Goal Areas 5 & 7.
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GWS 1210 Women's Issues (3 credits)

An overview of women's studies as an academic discipline, including an examination of the causes and consequences of sexism and gender discrimination. Geared toward developing personal awareness of women's reality in a patriarchal society. Topics include gendered language; stereotypical images; media representations of women; gender violence; and women's roles in relationships, the home, the workplace, and politics. Liberal Education Goal Areas 5 & 7.
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GWS 3100 Topics in Gender and Women's Studies (3 credits)

This course will engage students in a cross-discipline examination of sexual violence in the United States and globally. Topics explored include "date rape",misogyny, misandry, domestic violence, sex work and trafficking. The current theory and practice directed at ending sexual violence will also be reviewed.
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GWS 3850 Sex, Gender and Power: Theories and Practice (3 credits)

How, and from where, does gender emerge? What are the implications when the workings of power are played out in existing societal systems and relational understandings of gender? Students will examine feminist theories, liberal, socialist, radical, multicultural, postcolonial, ecofeminist; as well as Queer theory. This exploration of theory will introduce students to one of the most exciting and dynamic areas of contemporary inquiry, while preparing them for engagement in social movement, community and social transformation, and social justice.
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GWS 4917 DIS Tchg Assoc | (1-2 credits)

Directed Independent Study | Teaching Associate
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