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SPAN 3320 La telenovela (1-3 credits)

In this course students will learn the usefulness of telenovelas from Spanish-speaking societies as stylistic discourses to promote the knowledge and improvement of their Spanish. We will explore 'Las telenovelas' as audio- visual cultural products, and how they contribute to linguistic globalization. Spanish telenovelas are different than the U.S. soap operas in that they are short in duration. Selected telenovelas for this course, such as Pasion y poder, will immerse in Spanish pop-culture while at the same time they acquire the language. By watching frequent episodes, and listening actively to dialogues while watching the subtitles, students will develop the pleasure of watching telenovelas and understand that learned language is useful for practical situations, and that telefilms position American Spanish and its varieties in the global linguistic market. The telenovelas are stylistic discourses that promote the knowledge of Spanish through the ease of the pronunciation and the use of music associated to the expression of feelings and emotions. Prerequisite(s): SPAN 3311 Pre/Co-requisite: SPAN 3312 or consent of instructor. Liberal Education Goal Area 8. (Might not be offered every year.)
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