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PSY 3490 Disability and Ableism (3 credits)

This course will examine disability and disability experiences from a combination of social psychological and disability studies disciplinary perspectives. The primary objective being to provide students an opportunity to think critically about disability from a variety of different perspectives and to develop self-reflexivity when it comes to their own feelings about disability and disabled people. This course encourages the consideration of disability as a social, historical, political, cultural, and environmental phenomenon and emphasizes the subjectivity of disabled people as a historically marginalized minority group. At the same time, this course is primarily grounded by social psychological theory and methodology will consider disability-related phenomena that fall under the auspices of social psychological theory and practice including: prejudice, stereotyping, stigma, attitudes, attributions, self and social identity, social representations, and collective action; will critically pull from the extant body of literature on the social psychology of disability. Prerequisite(s): PSY 1100 or consent of instructor.
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