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2022-2023 Undergraduate Catalog

PDF of Sociology, B.A.

Sociology, B.A. major

Required Credits: 36
Required GPA: 2.50

Note: No course grade below a C may be used to meet these requirements and a minimum GPA of 2.50 in this major is required for graduation.  At least 21 of the credits have to be taken at Bemidji State University.


Complete the following courses:


Select 2 (6 credits) of the following courses:


Program Learning Outcomes | Sociology, B.A. 

1. Analytic Ability: Students will be able to select an appropriate research method and justify its use.

2. Identify Patterns of Inequality: Students will be able to identify patterns of inequality and associated perspectives.

3. Analyze intersections and impacts of inequality: Students will be able to tease through the intersections and impacts of inequality.

4. Interpret numerical information: Students will be able to interpret the context within which numerical information is presented.

5. Differentiation of sociological concepts: Students will be able to differentiate among sociological concepts.

6. Interpreting ideas and actions: Students will be able to interpret the way in which concepts are linked to theoretical ideas and social action.

7. Interaction of institutions: Students will be able to identify and locate the interaction of institutions and how humans are positioned within institutions.

8. Connection of theory and practice: Students will be able to demonstrate the connection between theory and practice.

9. Relationship of ideas to career and community engagement: Students will be able to articulate the relationship between sociological ideas learned in the major, community engagement, and their career interest.