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2022-2023 Undergraduate Catalog

PDF of Pre-Medicine


Advisors: Dr. Holly LaFerriere, Dr. Julie Larson, Dr. Mark Wallert

  1. The pre-medical student should fulfill all requirements for a Bachelor of Science degree at Bemidji State University. The student should declare an academic major. Pre-Medicine is not an academic major. Although the major may be in any field of study, experience indicates that a Biology or Chemistry major will provide the student with an advantage on the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT).

  2. Early entrance into medical school is possible for some students. Most students, however, enter medical school after completing a baccalaureate degree. In addition, some medical schools may require more courses than listed below. It is the responsibility of the pre-medical student to become aware of these additional requirements and to plan his or her pre-medical curriculum accordingly.

  3. Admission to medical school is highly competitive; typically, only about 10% of applicants are accepted. Admitted students normally have a grade point average of 3.5 or higher and MCAT scores of 9 or higher in each section of the exam. In planning your program it is important to consider alternatives, in case you are not accepted into medical school.

  4. Normally, a pre-medicine student will take the MCAT exam in the spring of their junior year. Therefore, all of the courses on which the MCAT is based (a year of biology, a year of introductory chemistry, a year of organic chemistry, and a year of physics) should be completed by the fall of your junior year. The pre-medical student should work closely with their pre-medicine advisor so all course requirements are fulfilled prior to entrance into medical school. A delay in meeting with the pre-medical advisor will likely result in delayed entrance into medical school.

  5. In addition to a strong background in behavioral sciences, English, and humanities, the following courses are specifically required for entrance into most medical schools:

    BIOL 1400, 1500 (some schools require additional biology credits)
    CHEM 2211, 2212, 3311, 3312, 3371, 3372 (some schools require biochemistry)
    ENGL 1151, 2152
    PHYS 1101, 1102 (or) 2101, 2102
    MATH (math requirements vary from school to school)

  6. Additional coursework in the sciences and social sciences will help students prepare for the MCAT and provide useful background for medical school courses. Consult the Pre-Medical advisor for suggestions on additional coursework.

  7. A suggested pre-medical academic schedule is listed below:


BIOL 1400, 1500
CHEM 2211, 2212
ENGL 1151, 2152
Electives: Consult your Pre-Medicine Advisor


CHEM 3311, 3312
CHEM 3371, 3372
PHYS 1101, 1102 or 2101, 2102
Electives: Consult your Pre-Medicine Advisor


Electives: Consult your Pre-Medicine Advisor


Consult your Pre-Medicine Advisor