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Updated 2022-2023 Undergraduate Catalog

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Business Administration


The Business Administration program offers study in finance, management, marketing, entrepreneurship/small business management, international business, management information systems, computer forensics, computer information systems, fraud examination, and general business. The focus is undergraduate education in this student-oriented learning environment. Hands-on learning, full student participation, and technology are integrated throughout the Business Administration program. Neither narrow nor vocational in its approach, the course work includes critical and logical thinking, communication skills, creative problem solving, innovation, decision making, and theoretical, technical, and professional skills.

Business policies and practices both reflect and help form the ethical, global/international, and moral foundations of a society; business both draws upon and contributes to knowledge and understanding of the world. In recognition of this, the Department of Business Administration educates its students to be discerning, responsible citizens of both the business community and our democratic society.

The theoretical aspects of business are grounded in social sciences such as economics, political science, psychology, sociology, and anthropology. The Business Administration curriculum is therefore broadly conceived. It prepares students for entry into the business world or for graduate study, and offers them a liberal education that will contribute to their intellectual, personal, and ethical growth.

Career Directions

Account Representative
Administrative Services Manager
Advertising Executive
Advertising Manager
Agent Manager
Applications Development
Applications Support
Appraiser & Assessor
Bank Examiner
Bank Officer
Budget Analyst
Business Analyst
Business Director
Buying Agent
Claims Adjusters
College & University Administrator
Commodities Salespeople
Communications Directors
Compliance Officer & Inspector
Computer Forensics
Computer Operations Manager
Computer Programmer
Computer Securities Specialist
Computer Support Specialists
Computer Systems Analysts
Construction Managers
Corporate Trainer
Cost Estimator
Credit Analyst
Data Communications Analysts
Database Administrator
Demonstrators & Promoters
Doctoral Program - Graduate Study
E-Commerce Development
E-Commerce Support
E-Commerce Web Programmer
Education Administrators
Engineering Managers
Finance Director
Financial Analyst
Financial Counselor
Financial Information Specialist
Financial Manager
Financial Planner
Food Service Manager
Gaming Services
Health Services Administrators
Hotel & Motel Managers
Human Resource Manager
Human Resources Training
Industrial Production Managers
Information Center Specialist
Information Director
Information Systems Analyst
Information Systems Manager
Information Technology Auditors
Information Technology Consultant
Insurance Adjuster
Insurance Agents
Insurance Examiner
Insurance Investigators
Insurance Underwriters
Internet Website Developer
IRS Agents
Knowledge Engineer
Labor Relations Specialists
Loan Analyst
Loan Counselor
Loan Officers
Lodging Managers
Management Analyst
Management Consultant
Marketing Executive
Marketing Manager
Master's Program - Graduate Study
Media Relations
Medical and Health Services Manager
Natural Sciences Manager
Network Specialist
Operations Manager
Personnel & Training Managers
Postmaster & Mail Superintendent
Product Support
Production / Operations Supervisor
Production Manager
Project Leader
Promotions Director
Promotions Management
Property & Real Estate Managers
Public Relations
Public Speaking
Purchasing Agents
Purchasing Managers
Real Estate Agents
Resort Managers
Restaurant Manager
Sales Engineers
Sales Executive
Sales Manager
Sales Representative
Sales Worker Supervisors
Securities Salespeople
Small Business Management
Software Engineer
Storage & Transportation Manager
Tax Examiners
Telecommunications Specialist
Web Site Developer
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Business Administration