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Updated 2022-2023 Undergraduate Catalog

PDF of Sociology

Sociologists explore dimensions of social life in all its cultural diverity. We explore the complexity of social interactions, communities, and focus on how social ineqality is created and perpetuated. We study how all of this affects an individuals life chances.

Sociology is interdisciplinary in nature and excels at integrating knowledge from various disciplines in the social sciences and humanities. This enables us to examine the complexity of life and prepares the student to apply this critical thinking ability to various careers and life in communities.

The sociology curriuclum is focused on bridging the gap between theoretical concepts and how these affect lives. A sociology major imparts skills in critical thinking, research design and analysis, communication, and synthesizing information and interpreting it for multiple audiences. Students will find such skills useful for careers such in as those indicated.

Minors that complement the sociology curriculum:
Economics, Gender Studies, Political Science, Indigenous Studies, Communication Studies, History, Philosophy, Business

The Sociology curriculum will also prepare you for graduate school in Sociology, Public Policy, Public Administration, Law, Human Resource Management.

Career Directions

Human Resources
Office Administration
Public Relations
Market Research
Advocacy groups and organizations
Consulting firms
Health agencies
City planning
Policy analysis
Research and statistics
Non-profit management


Recommended High School Courses
Social Research