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Updated 2022-2023 Undergraduate Catalog

PDF of Physical Education, B.S.

Professional Education


Physical Education, B.S. major
(Teacher Licensure)

Required Credits: 79
Required GPA: 2.50


Select 1 of the following courses:

Complete the following courses:

Complete the following course:

  • PHED 4920 DGS: (1 credit)

Complete the following course:


Select 1 of the following courses:


Complete the following courses with a minimum 2.50 GPA:

Complete the following course:

Complete 12 credits of student teaching:


Program Learning Outcomes | Physical Education, B.S. (Teacher Licensure)

1. Collaboration: Identifies strategies to become an advocate in the school & community to promote a variety of physical activity opportunities (C6) 2. Identifies & actively seeks community resources to enhance physical activity opportunities (B7).

2. Growth & Development: Designs safe instruction that meets student developmental needs in the physical, cognitive, and social/emotional domains (B7, B8) 2. Understands the biological, psychological, sociological, experiential, & environmental factors that influence developmental readiness to learn & refine movement skills (A4) 3. Identifies, selects, implements appropriate learning/practice opportunities based on understanding the student, learning environment, task (C1).

3. Diverse Students: Identify, select, & implement appropriate instruction that is sensitive to students' strengths/weaknesses, multiple needs, learning styles, & prior experiences (B11).

4. Management & Motivation: Uses managerial routines that create smoothly functioning learning experiences & environments (C2) 2. Uses a variety of developmentally appropriate practices to motivate students to participate in physical activity in and out of school (C3) 3. Uses strategies to help students demonstrate responsible & social behaviors that promote positive relationships & a productive learning envirionment (B6).

5. Communication: Demonstrates effective communication skills (e.g. use of language, clarity, conciseness, pacing, giving & receiving feedback, age appropriate language, non-verbal communication (D2) 2. Communicates managerial & instructional information in a variety of ways (e.g. bulletin boards, music, task cards, posters, Internet, video) 3. Communicates in ways that demonstrate sensitivity to all students (e.g. ethnic, cultural, socio-economic, ability, gender differences) (D3).

6. Planning & Instruction: Identifies, develops, & implements appropriate program & instructional goals (B4, B5) 2. Develops plans linked to program & instructional goals, & student needs (B4, B5) 3. Uses instructional strategies, based on content, student needs, & safety issues, to facilitate learning (C1, C9) 4. Designs & implements learning experiences that are safe, appropriate, relevant, and based on principles of effective instruction (C2, C9) 5. Applies disciplinary & pedagogical knowledge in developing & implementing effective learning environments & experiences (C2, C9) 6. Provides learning experiences that allow students to integrate knowledge & skills from multiple subject areas (B4) 7. Selects & implements appropriate teaching resources & curriculum materials (B5) 8. Uses effective demonstrations & explanations to link physical activity concepts to learning experiences. 9. Develops & uses appropriate instructional cues & prompts to facilitate competent motor skill performance (A3)

7. Student Assessment: Uses a variety of appropriate authentic & traditional assessment techniques to assess student understanding & performance, provide feedback, & communicate student progress (C2) 2. Involves students in self & peer assessment 3. Interprets & uses learning & performance data to make informed curricular and/or instructional decisions (C2, C4).

8. Reflection: Uses a reflective cycle that describes teaching, justification of teaching performance, critique of teaching performance, setting of teaching goals, & implementation of change.

9. Technology: Demonstrates knowledge of current technologies & their application in physical education.



Students are encouraged to take the required Physical Education, B.S. courses in approximate numerical order. This schedule is intended to help students plan their courses in an orderly fashion; however, these are only suggestions. Students are encouraged to consult the course descriptions for prerequisites.


  • BIOL1110
    or BIOL1400
  • PHED2100
  • Liberal Education requirements


  • BIOL1111
  • HLTH2100
  • PHED3100
  • PHED3110
  • PHED3120
  • PHED3200
  • PHED3300
  • Required Electives in Major
  • Liberal Education requirements
  • Take the Pre-professional Skills Test


  • Begin Professional Education Courses
  • PHED3449
  • PHED3504
  • PHED3505
  • PHED3604
  • PHED3605
  • PHED3607
  • Required Electives in Major
  • Liberal Education requirements


  • PHED4400
  • PHED4500
  • PHED4870
  • PHED4920
  • Complete Professional Education Courses including student teaching