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2023-2024 Undergraduate Catalog | 20243

PDF of Applied Public Policy

Public policies - such as criminal and civil laws, social service programs, tax codes, environmental laws, planning and land use regulations, among others - affect our lives daily. Such policies are generated by interaction between governments and individuals.

The Applied Public Policy minor offers students the opportunity to acquire a more sophisticated understanding of the public policy process and policy analysis along with a basic set of skills needed to communicate with and perhaps influence decision makers. It is intended to complement majors in related programs such as business, geography, political science, economics, urban and regional planning, environmental studies, and others. Students who complete the Applied Public Policy minor will have the tools needed to be more active leaders in their chosen professions.

Career Directions

Criminal Justice
Environmental Policy
Health Care
Land Use Planning
Social Work
Also: Graduate Study


Recommended High School Courses

Social Studies

Recommended Activities

Reading Newspapers
Attention to News Events