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2023-2024 Undergraduate Catalog | 20243

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Economics is the social science that explores the problem of relative scarcity and its implications for problems of resource allocation, economic stability, growth and distribution. Applied fields, including labor relations, financial economics, international economics, and environmental economics, focus on specific aspects of these broad concerns. In the applied areas, students become cognizant of the interaction between economics and related disciplines.

The objectives of the Economics program are to (a) provide the theoretic and quantitative tools necessary to understand the development, structure, and operation of the contemporary economy; (b) develop skill in using those tools to analyze economic problems and to critically assess proposed solutions; and (c) provide information and guidance as students explore career opportunities in economics and develop their own post-graduate plans.

Note: Career options include staff and training positions in the financial sector, other service industries, and manufacturing. Graduate study opportunities include economics, law, business, and related fields.

Career Directions

See note in program description.
Also: Graduate Study