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GEOG 4150 Machine Learning for Environmental Modeling (3 credits)

The uses of machine learning, data science and artificial intelligence are everywhere today. Much of the data we create through our daily activities gets processed and used to customize services, offer better health care, or target you for specific advertising. Although there are many benefits of using data in these ways, there can be pitfalls and caution is always warranted when employing these tools. As such this class attempts to teach you the basic foundations of machine learning with particular emphasis to its application in environmental and spatial analysis. To this end, we will use the python development environment and we will emphasize the most commonly used tools including supervised learning algorithms (logistic regression, linear regression, neural networks), unsupervised learning algorithms (k- means, principal component analysis). In addition, we also cover anomaly detection, natural language processing and building recommender systems. A central focus will be building this foundation so students can successfully participate in a Kaggle competition which is a premier venue for testing your machine learning skillset.
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