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SOC 2230 Race and Ethnic Relations (3 credits)

The course will examine the concepts of race and ethnicity in a variety of ways. We will start by examining the history of these concepts in the US and then examine how these histories have influenced and in turn been influenced by race in the rest of the world. We will study issues such as colonialism, immigration, nationalism and international relations in order to understand how race and ethnicity have shaped the history of the US and how these concepts continue to dictate domestic and international policies. The course will focus on current social, economic, political circumstances as they relate with race and ethnicity. We will discuss current topics like the changing demographics of people in the US, the nature of racism, movements that oppose racism, and the overall relationship between race, racism, religion, national identity and our chances of happiness in the US. Our overall goal is to understand how race and ethnicity influence our lives and our circumstances. [Core Curriculum Goal Area(s) 7 & 9]
Common Course Outline