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2023-2024 Undergraduate Catalog | 20243

PDF of Business Administration, B.S.

Business Administration


Business Administration, B.S. major
Indigenous Business


This program offers study in Indigenous business with coursework in finance, management, marketing, entrepreneurship, human resource management, and general business. It furthers the inclusion of Indigenous perspectives and demonstrates the significant impact that Native Americans have had on business, as well as, cultural contributions to management, leadership, marketing, economic development, and entrepreneurship. Course work includes logical thinking, communications skills, theoretical, technical and professional skills, and creative problem solving/decision-making.


Students majoring in Business Administration are
advised to complete at least one course in
Psychology, Sociology, or Anthropology as part of
their core curriculum requirements.

Required Credits: 67
Required GPA: 2.25


Complete the following courses:


Complete the following courses:

Complete 15 credits (one 3 credit course from each
section); no course may be counted toward more
than one of the fields:

Finance: Select one

Management: Select one

Marketing: Select one

Entrepreneurship: Select one

Human Resources Management: Select one


Select one course from the following:



1. Graduates will demonstrate a foundational knowledge in the field of business.

2. Graduates will utilize practical business tools.

3. Graduates will demonstrate professional communication skills

4. Graduates will collaborate effectively

5. Graduates will demonstrate ability to ethically address complex problems in a realistic business environment.


Suggested Semester Schedule | Business Administration, B.S.
Indigenous Business emphasis

Freshman: All Fields of Emphasis

  • Psychology, Sociology or Anthropology
  • Core Curriculum requirements

Sophomore: All Fields of Emphasis

  • ACCT2101
  • ACCT2102
  • BUAD2220
  • BUAD2231
  • BUAD2280
  • ECON2000
  • ECON2100

Junior: All Fields of Emphasis

  • BUAD3223
  • BUAD3351
  • BUAD3361
  • BUAD3381
  • BUAD3771

Senior: All Fields of Emphasis

  • BUAD4600

Junior: Indigenous Business Field of Emphasis

  • BUAD3450
  • BUAD3772
    or BUAD3872
  • BUAD3567
    or BUAD3568
    or BUAD4467
        Electives: Select one of the following. (4000 level courses should be taken as a senior.)
  • LEAD3500
  • INST4000
  • BUAD3281
  • BUAD3520
  • BUAD4387
  • BUAD4507
  • BUAD4750

Senior: Indigenous Business Field of Emphasis

  • BUAD3420
    or BUAD4456
  • BUAD4550
  • BUAD4354
    or BUAD4456
  • BUAD4458
    or BUAD4469