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2023-2024 Undergraduate Catalog | 20243

PDF of Chemistry, B.S.



Chemistry, B.S. major
Forensic Science Emphasis

Required Credits: 78
Required GPA: 2.25


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Program Learning Outcomes | Chemistry, B.S. 

1.  Use the structure of atoms and their subatomic particles to explain chemical and physical properties.

2.  Explain how atoms interact via chemical bonds and the energy changes associated with making and breaking bonds.

3.  Relate the three dimensional geometric structures of chemical compounds to their chemical and physical behaviors. 

4.  Evaluate how intermolecular forces dictate the physical behavior of matter.

5.  Categorize and analyze the chemical reactions involved in transforming matter into products with new chemical and physical properties.

6.  Evaluate the energy changes that accompany chemical reactions.

7.  Assess the various ways that affect how reaction rates vary with time.

8.  Analyze the various factors that affect the equilibrium of chemical reactions.

9.  Perform laboratory experiments that involve collecting and analyzing data and practicing chemical safety.

10.  Evaluate chemical constructs at the particulate and macroscopic levels using models, graphs to visualize data, and mathematical equations.

11.  Develop written reports and oral presentations that effectively communicate scientific principles and processes.