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2023-2024 Undergraduate Catalog | 20243

PDF of Computer Science, B.S.

Computer Science, B.S. major

Required Credits: 61
Required GPA: 2.25


Additional requirement: Successful completion of the degree requires students to earn 15 credits from areas I and II at the 3000/4000 level while in residence at BSU.

Complete the following courses:


Select 21 credits from among the following courses, with at least 3 courses from Section A and 3 courses from Section B. Note: Courses may have prerequisites either not included or not required in this major.

A. Core Computer Science

B. Application Development Techniques


Select one of the following courses:


Program Learning Outcomes | Computer Science, B.S.

1. Problem solving: Students will demonstrate understanding of multiple problem solving techniques and how to apply them algorithmically.

2. Core areas: Students will demonstrate knowledge of core areas and how to apply them towards solving problems in computer science and other disciplines.

3. Communication: Students will communicate effectively with a wide range of audiences.

4. Productive in teams: Students will work productively in teams.

5. Broad knowledge of field: Students will demonstrate a broad knowledge of the field through the different electives offered.

6. Professional and ethical: Students will develop a basis for making professional and ethical decisions that pertain to the software they are developing.

7. Programming languages: Students will demonstrate proficiency in a programming language and ability to learn new ones on their own.


Suggested Semester Schedule | Computer Science, B.S. 

The following schedule identifies only courses that apply to the Computer Science major. Students should expect to complete most lcore curriculum requirements in their first three years. To complete requirements for graduation in four years (8 semesters), a Computer Science major must take CS 1309 in one of the first two semesters.


  • CS1309
  • CS2321
  • #MATH1170
  • MATH1470
    or MATH2471
  • COMM1100


  • CS2322
  • CS2810
  • MATH2210
  • MATH3310
    or STAT2610
    or STAT3631
  • +ENGL2150


  • CS3528
  • Computer Science electives


  • CS4390
  • Computer Science electives

# Mathematics requirements for the Computer Science major begin with MATH 1470 Precalculus, but some students will be initially placed into MATH 1170 College Algebra.
+ May be any of the following courses: ENGL 2150, ENGL 3150, ENGL 3155.