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2023-2024 Undergraduate Catalog | 20243

PDF of Leadership

Leadership cert

Required Credits: 15
Required GPA: 2.00


Complete the following courses:


Select 6 credits from the following courses. No more
than one course (3 credits) can be chosen from a
particular department. Courses should be selected
in consultation with the Leadership Studies Director.

Some courses require pre-requisites that are not part
of the certificate.

III OTHER REQUIREMENTS Attend 2 guest lectures or workshops that are outside of any class requirement and take place outside of class on the topic of Leadership. These lectures and workshops must be pre-approved by the Director of the Leadership Studies Program. Synthesize the information presented and its relationship to coursework taken (both req'd and electives) Submit to the Leadership Program Director for evaluation and approval. This requirement must be completed prior to or concurrent with LEAD 4000, Capstone in Leadership. Develop a Personal Leadership Statement. As a part of this statement and as a culminating experience in pursuit of this certificate, students will discuss gains they have made since starting the Leadership certificate and will address three broad questions. What kind of leader am I? How have I demonstrated leadership knowledge and skills both inside and outside of the classroom? What gains have I made in affective, behavioral, ethical, social connectivity and collective action dimensions of leadership?