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Updated 2023-2024 Undergraduate Catalog | 20245

PDF of Technology, Art and Design, B.S.

Art & Design (Technology, Art, & Design)


Technology, Art & Design


Technology, Art and Design, B.S. major
Event Planning & Project Management Emphasis

Required Credits: 78
Required GPA: 2.00

Required TAD Core Courses

Complete the following courses:

TAD Lab Core

Complete 2 credits from the following courses:


Project Management Core

Complete the following courses:

Event Planning Core

Complete the following courses:


Program Learning Outcomes | Technology, Art & Design, B.S.

1. Students will communicate effectively in oral, written and visual forms.

2. Demonstrate knowledge in diverse cultural and historical perspectives and apply them to their art and design practice.

3. Students will develop and demonstrate competence in implementing art and/or design principles.

4. Students will demonstrate the ability to implement the creative process independently and/or interdependently.

5. Students will exhibit the ability to seek, give and accept constructive criticism.