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2024-2025 Undergraduate Catalog | 20253

PDF of Computer Science

The study of computer science involves becoming a top-notch problem solver. The solutions computer scientists focus on are processes for solving problems. These processes are expressed using the language of algorithms. Ultimately, the solution is programmed into a computer.

Because of their flexibility, computers are integral to most research and are indispensable in most professional careers. In education they are used for instruction, for learning, and for efficiency. In industry they are revolutionizing businesses, and in science they allow us to simulate a Jupiter fly-by, to design the next generation air-bus, and to investigate the effects of pollutants on the environment.

Computer Science majors learn to look at complex situations, identify patterns, and develop processes that take advantage of those patterns in order to solve a problem or improve an approach to a problem. Computer Science majors learn how to solve problems from a wide variety of domains. Working in teams, students learn to transform their solutions into algorithms and implement programs for a broad range of software systems. Majors in Computer Information Systems, a program offered jointly with Business Administration, study problem solving and software development for automating business processes.

Career Directions

Computer Science
3D Graphics Programmer
Application Developer
Artificial Intelligence Engineer
Automation Engineer
Design Engineer
Documentation Tools Specialist
Game Programmer
Interface Designer
Issue Associate
IT Development Program Associate
Patent Examiner
Quantum Computing Researcher
Research Assistant
Software Developer
Software Engineer
Usability Consultant
User Interface Coordinator
Web Developer
Web Experience Developer
Also: Graduate Study
Computer Information Systems
Application Programmer
Business Consultant
Business Development Associate
Computer Operations Manager
Database Administrator
Finance Analyst
Information Center Specialist
Software Engineer
Systems Analyst
Also: Graduate Study


Recommended High School Courses
Computer Science
Physical Sciences
Public Speaking
Interpersonal Communication