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2024-2025 Undergraduate Catalog | 20253

BSU Focus: Performance & Participation

BSU Focus: Performance & Participation

  One course
  One or more credits

Performance and Participation is a Bemidji State University Focus. Students who have completed the Minnesota Transfer Curriculum prior to transfer to Bemidji State University and students who already hold an AA or baccalaureate degree are exempt from the Performance and Participation Focus.

The BSU Focus of Performance and Participation is not part of the Minnesota Transfer Curriculum but is a Bemidji State University graduation requirement.


To provide students with an opportunity to develop skills for participation in a variety of activities and to prepare students for responsible and effective participation in groups and communities.

Critical Thinking

The practice of critical thinking skills used in performance and group participatory activities, including ability to gather and apply information, skill at seeking various perspectives, recognition and articulation of the value assumptions made by ourselves and others, etc.

Student Competencies

Students will be able to:

  • participate effectively in a variety of artistic, political, recreational, health and public service, or social service settings.
  • participate cooperatively in group athletic activity or artistic performance.

Courses that satisfy this requirement include

    BIOL 3337 Science Communication (3 credits)
    ENGL 2150 Technical Writing (3 credits)
    GEOG 1224 Introduction to Map Use (3 credits)
    MASC 1500 Making Media (1 credit)
    MUS 2710 Symphonic Band (0-2 credits)
    MUS 3800 Bemidji Chorale Community Choir (0-2 credits)
    (must be taken for credit)
    MUS 3810 Musikanten Choir (0-2 credits)
    (must be taken for credit)
    MUS 3817 Bel Canto Choir (0-2 credits)
    (must be taken for credit)
    MUS 4710 Wind Ensemble (0-2 credits)
    MUS 4740 Bemidji Chamber Orchestra (0-2 credits)
    (must be taken for credit)
    MUS 4800 Bemidji Choir (0-2 credits)
    (must be taken for credit)
    MUS 4810 Chamber Singers (0-2 credits)
    (must be taken for credit)
    PHED 1100 Skills for Life: [Activity] (1 credit)
    PHED 1114 Skills For Life: Beginning Swimming (1 credit)
    PHED 1115 Skills for Life: Intermediate Swimming (1 credit)
    PHED 1120 Skills for Life: Introduction to Sea Kayaking (1 credit)
    PHED 1139 Skills for Life: Beginning Scuba Diving (1 credit)
    PHED 1180 Skills for Life: Canoeing (1 credit)
    PHED 1190 Skills for Life: Sailing (1 credit)
    PHED 1200 Skills for Life: Introduction To Rock Climbing (1 credit)
    PHED 1230 Skills for Life: Yoga (1 credit)
    PHED 1240 Skills for Life: Techniques of Neuromuscular Relaxation (1 credit)
    PHED 1260 Skills for Life: Cycling (1 credit)
    PHED 1300 Skills for Life: Weight Training (1 credit)
    PHED 1380 Skills for Life: Self Defense (1 credit)
    PHED 1430 Skills for Life: Archery (1 credit)
    PHED 1454 Skills for Life: Golf (1 credit)
    PHED 1474 Skills for Life: Bowling (1 credit)
    PHED 1490 Skills for Life: Badminton (1 credit)
    PHED 1500 Skills for Life: Ice Skating (1 credit)
    PHED 1520 Skills for Life: Downhill Skiing (1 credit)
    PHED 1530 Skills for Life: Snowboarding (1 credit)
    PHED 1540 Skills for Life: Curling (1 credit)
    PHED 1554 Skills for Life: Cross Country Skiing (1 credit)
    PHED 1574 Skills for Life: Tennis (1 credit)
    PHED 1604 Skills for Life: Social Dance I (1 credit)
    PHED 1606 Skills for Life: American Style Ballroom Dance I (1 credit)
    PHED 1608 Skills for Life: International Style Ballroom Dance (1 credit)
    PHED 1764 Skills for Life: Basketball (1 credit)
    PHED 1784 Skills for Life: Volleyball (1 credit)
    PHED 1814 Skills for Life: Softball (1 credit)
    PHED 1840 Skills for Life: Racquetball (1 credit)
    PHED 1854 Skills for Life: Soccer (1 credit)
    PHED 1890 Lifetime Fitness (2 credits)
    PSY 1010 Stress and Coping (2 credits)
    TADD 1150 Drawing Fundamentals (2 credits)
    TADD 1200 Two-Dimensional Visual Foundations (2 credits)
    TADD 1300 Three-Dimensional Visual Foundations (2 credits)
    TADD 1600 Fundamentals of Digital Photography (2 credits)
    TADD 2670 Painting (4 credits)
    TADD 3380 Designing for Experiences (2 credits)
    TADD 3400 Sculpture: Experimental (2 credits)
    TADD 3410 Sculpture: Traditional (2 credits)
    TADD 3460 Printmaking: Traditional (2 credits)
    TADD 3470 Printmaking: Experimental (2 credits)
    TADD 3480 Ceramics: Hand & Wheel (4 credits)
    UNIV 1300 Personal & Financial Wellness (1 credit)

    All-University course numbers 1959 and 2959 are available to any department for use as study-travel courses, subject to approval, and will satisfy this goal area.