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2024-2025 Undergraduate Catalog | 20253

PDF of Indigenous Studies, B.A.

Indigenous Studies, B.A. major

Required Credits: 36
Required GPA: 2.25


Complete the following courses:


Select a minimum of 10 credits from the following

Program Learning Outcomes| Indigenous Studies, B.A.   

1. Articulation of the multidisciplinary scope in Indigenous Studies: Science, law, literature, writing, sociology, psychology and philosopfy as disciplines that make up Indigenous Studies. 

2. Cultural Genocide and Resistance: Students will identify and analyze the policies of assimilation and cultural genocide and Indigenous resistance to those policies.

3. Diversity: Students will learn about the diversity of American Indian cultures and histories throughout them Americas.

4. Pre-contact and Post-contact: Student will understand the consequences of contact by examining both pre- and post-contact Indigenous peoples.

5. Professional multidisciplinary skills: Students will be able to develop professional skills in punctuality, writing, communicating, presentation, research and critical thinking.

6. Social Justice Awareness: Students will be able to identity social justice strategies and apply them to individual social situations.

7. Sovereignty and Decolonization: Apply what they have learned towards the work of cultural and language revitalization.