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2024-2025 Undergraduate Catalog | 20253

PDF of Political Science, B.A.

Political Science, B.A. major

Required Credits: 42
Required GPA: 2.25


Complete the following courses:


Select 21 semester credits of guided electives from
Political Science courses numbered above 3000 with
consent of advisor:

Complete one of the following courses:


Complete the following courses:

Select 18 semester credits of guided electives from
appropriate courses numbered above 3000 with consent of
advisor. Up to 6 credits from law school early
admission programs and/or from pre-law partners
may be applied here subject to program approval.

Program Learning Outcomes| Political Science, B.A.

  1. An understanding of American government and policitcs: Students will be able to develop an in depth understanding of American governmental institutions and policy-making processes; with an appreciation of the role of the citizen and the motivations of public officials.
  2. Develop thinking, leardership and communication skills: Students will be able to develop student abilities in critical thinking, analytical reasoning, leadership, writing, presentation, and research.
  3. Effectively present paper to college commuinity: Students will be able to effectively present their senior paper in a roundtable or panel format to the college community.
  4. Evaluate political beliefs and tolerance of diversity: Enable students to evaluate political structures in terms of their beliefs about the proper relationship between the individual and the state. To encourage students to appreciate the diversity of political perspective, and to encourage understanding and tolerance of differing point of view. 
  5. Evaluating politicis from a comparative perspective: Enable student to evaluate differing governmental systems and policy outputs from a comparative perspective. 
  6. Foundation for career, learning and participation: Student will be able to provide the foundations for a career in the public or private sector and for a lifetime of learning and participation in politics.
  7. Produce a quality senior paper: Students will be able to write a senior paper of approximately 20 pages that is tightly focused, persuasive, well documented and clearly presented. The papers should contain an abstract, literature review, original analysis, and a discussion and conclusion. 
  8. Students should participate in politics: Student will be able to participate in politicis in some form either on or off campus either for credit or not. (e.g., Model UN, Student overnment, political campaigning, community volunteer work, internship, etc.)
  9. Understand and utilize research methodologies: Students will be able to understand and utilize the major research methodologies of the discipline. 
  10. Understand theories explaining international actors: Students will be able to understand the various theories useful in explaiing the behavior of nation-states and other international actors. 


The following is a list of required Political Science Major, B.A. courses arranged by year. This schedule is intended to help students plan their courses in an orderly fashion; however, these are only suggestions and this schedule is flexible.