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2024-2025 Undergraduate Catalog | 20253

PDF of Community Health, B.S.

Community Health, B.S. major

Required Credits: 61
Required GPA: 2.25


Select 1 of the following courses:

Complete the following courses:

Complete the following course:

Complete the following course:

Complete 10-12 credits of the following course:


Select 12 credits from the following courses:

Up to 6 credits of Indigenous Studies courses accepted:

Up to 6 credits of Nursing coures accepted; note that
most NRSG courses are for Nursing majors only

Alternative to completing the 12 credits of electives
*Succesful completion of an accredited Community
Health Worker Certificate curriculum (earning this
credential also fulfills HLTH 3970 - Internship:
Practicum in Health)


Program Learning Outcomes | Community Health, B.S.

1. Advocate for health promotion and disease prevention: Address cultural, social, behavioral, and environmental factors that contribute to disease progression and health promoting behaviors as part of a health promotion program or intervention. Understand health promotion and disease prevention.

2. Educate, Collaborate and Engage: Educate, collaborate and engage with external partners from a variety of disciplines to promote healthy choices, including physical activity at multiple settings and in a variety of populations.

3. Work with partners to promote health/physical activity: Work with organizations and individuals to capitalize on complementary strengths, capabilities, resources and opportunities for the promotion of PA.

4. Communicate effectively: Apply a variety of communication methods and techniques.

5. Contribute to the broader community via various activities: Community Health students are required to complete a minimum of __6__ hours of service learning. Students are also encouraged to participate in additional community service orientated volunteer opportunities.

6. Demonstrate in-depth knowledge, values and abilities: How well do students demonstrate that they have attained an in-depth knowledge, values, and abilities associated with Community Health.

7. Demonstrate proficiency in writing/speaking English: Students present on community health related topics to peers and professors and are evaluated on the clarity and effectiveness of their speech and written (PowerPoint) text. Students complete written papers that require interpretation and analysis of peer-reviewed journals related to the field of community health. Students demonstrate a basic understanding of various community health topics through verbal presentations.Students demonstrate the ability to interview for a community health related position.

8. Plan programming using evidence: Initiate a plan of action and review and recommend best and evidence-based practices and procedures for the development and implementation. 


Suggested Semester Schedule | Community Health, B.S.

The following is a list of required Community Health Major, B.S. courses arranged by year. This schedule is intended to help students plan their courses in an orderly fashion; however, these are only suggestions and this schedule is flexible.


  • BIOL1110
    or BIOL1400
  • HLTH2100
  • Core Curriculum requirements


  • BIOL1111
  • PHED1890
  • HLTH2800
    or SOWK2110
  • HLTH3150
  • HLTH3200
  • Complete Core Curriculum requirements


  • HLTH3300
  • HLTH3500
  • HLTH3710
  • HLTH3970
  • PSY3401
    or STAT3660
  • Major electives


  • HLTH4410
  • HLTH4920
  • PHED4309
  • HLTH4970
  • Major electives