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ENVR 5260 Risk, Resilience and Sustainable Community Development (3 credits)

We are experiencing dramatic, rapid, unexpected environmental changes due to human caused global climate change, stresses on natural resources as well as our ability to manage our waste generation. In this course, we will explore risk and resilience from a community development perspective. How can we work together in community to survive disruption and anticipate, adapt, and flourish in the face of change. Using Bemidji State University and the greater Bemidji area as a case study we will explore key quantitative as well as qualitative indicators of resilience such as energy, housing, transportation, water, materials & waste, health & wellness, and economic opportunity. Students will be asked to produce quantitative and qualitative assessments of the resilience in our BSU-Bemidji community and actively engage with citizens and working professionals to advance suggestions on how to strengthen our campus and community¿s resilience.
Common Course Outline