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MATH 6055 Pedagogical Portfolio and Action Research (2 credits)

This course is the culmination of the student's coursework, analysis, and study. In MATH 6050, Assessment in the Mathematics Classroom, students examine the current practices in individual and classroom assessment and study the fundamentals of applying statistical methods for instructional analysis. Students implement those skills in this course. Students construct instructional units in some of the courses needed for their program. Students complete one instructional unit change in their classroom and analyze the unit as per the outline from MATH 6050. Students also conduct a literature review that directly relates to their instructional unit changes. The portfolio consists of the literature review, instructional unit changes, and analysis and is evaluated by the student's graduate committee. The student cannot proceed with the oral defense until the portfolio has been approved by the committee. This course is graded Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory only. Prerequisite: Teaching license or consent of the instructor.
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