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2022-2023 Graduate Catalog

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Technology, Art and Design -Technology Courses

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TADT 5700 Operations Planning and Control (3 credits)

The concepts, tools, techniques, and quantitative methods used to plan for and control operations in the production of goods and services. Topics include, but are not limited to, traditional inventory management, just-in-time inventory, materials- and enterprise-resource planning, facilities location and layout, process strategies, aggregate planning, scheduling, maintenance and reliability, project management, and supply chain management. Prerequisite: Junior status or consent of instructor.
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TADT 5778 Advanced Topics in Technology (3 credits)

Current topics, or emerging research or exploration and assessment of topics in the applied engineering, industrial technology, and/or technology management fields, or any related field. Note: Graduate students will be required to participate in a more rigorous approach to the course.
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TADT 5878 Quality Assurance (3 credits)

The course teaches the theory and applications of statistical analysis, quality problem solving and implementation. Prerequisite(s): Junior status or consent of instructor.
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TADT 6120 Studies In Quality (3 credits)

Topics related to a variety of quality issues. Focuses on the application of quality planning and analysis.
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TADT 6240 Advanced Skills in Industrial Technology (1 credits)

Study of and practice in the skills encountered in the area of the student's choice, such as woods, metals, graphic arts, plastics, or other basic industrial technology area.
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TADT 6870 Writing and Research in Technology (2 credits)

In-depth writing and research in technology. Assists students in developing their research paper or thesis. Prerequisites: IT 6000, IT 6100, and IT 6117.
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