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2016-2017 Undergraduate Catalog

PDF of Special Education Courses

SPED 3106 Professional Practice in the Elementary/Middle School Setting (1 credits)

This one-credit course is designed to augment the clinical experiences done throughout the program. Its main goal is to ensure that standards within the clinical experiences are met before the candidate moves ahead in the program. This course is taken together with SPED 6608. Signature Assessment 2 is completed in this course. Five hours of field work for consultation and discussion with the mentor teacher and other professionals in the schools regarding content in the course and tasks related to Signature Assessment 2, are required. Prerequisites: SPED 3600, SPED 3650, ED 3201, SPED 3105, SPED 4715, SPED 3655, SPED 3620 or SPED 3630, or consent of instructor.
Common Course Outline