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TADD 2550 Tech Toolbox II: InDesign (2 credits)

This course is intended to familiarize students with the majority of Adobe InDesign tools, so students can apply the design process in building their design portfolio. Understanding the robust publishing application, Adobe InDesign, will allow students to become more productive by integrating what was learned about vector graphics, raster images, and typography. The relevance of Adobe InDesign to design for traditional print media, screen media, interactive multimedia, and web-based media platforms will be introduced and discussed in this course. The software will be used to create, export, and present all design tutorials and individual projects. The project-based approach employed in this course gets students an in-depth understanding of the software through step-by-step instructions through every phase of a project. The projects in this class reflect a range of different types of work represented in the various academic pathways students may choose to pursue in The School of Technology, Art & Design. When students complete the projects in this class, they will have a substantial body of work that should express their understanding of the Adobe InDesign software. Prerequisite(s): TADD 1500, TADD 1550.
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