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2022-2023 Undergraduate Catalog

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TADD 3750 Tradeshow Exhibit Design (2 credits)

This course aims to help make students better understand the art of creating immersive experiences that tell a story. Tradeshows are not new but designing meaningful experiences with intentionality is an entirely new industry. This form of spatial storytelling takes guests through meaningful experiences that incorporate graphics, spatial planning, architecture, modern media, theatrical arts, interaction, entertainment, marketing, learning, lighting, engineering, networking, personal growth, and more. This course focuses on designing immersive and experiential tradeshow exhibits for meaningful social interaction. This class will assume that students have had some experience design coursework under their belt and exposed to the basics of Two and Three- Dimensional Design. This course will move students into more advanced levels of experience design. Above all, this course encourages students to think about design by putting the tradeshow attendee at the center of their constructed experience. Prerequisite(s): TADD 3552.
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