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Updated 2021-2022 Graduate Catalog

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MBA 6145 Strategy and Management (3 credits)

This is a capstone class that is intended to provide coalescence for all the material that has been covered in preceding classes. Students will be required to demonstrate their ability to effectively synthesize the knowledge, theories, and skills that they have learned within the MBA program and to effectively apply them in management settings. Real world case studies will be used as vehicles for evaluation and students will be expected to work in groups in order to demonstrate effective teamwork. Case presentations will involve both written and oral communication, with oral communication being provided through video feeds. It involves several group case studies as well as the submission of a final real-world case study, created under the supervision of a business mentor in a real word business setting. The oral presentation of this final case study will be evaluated by an Oral Presentation Committee. This committee will include the candidate's academic advisor and will consist of (a) at least two BSU graduate faculty members, one of whom must be from a department other than the Department of Business Administration; (b) a BSU approved professional in the field. The student is responsible for securing a résumé from the field representative; (c) final committee approval determined by the Department of Business Administration and the Dean of the College of Business, Technology and Communication. Full details of this case study will be provided in a separate document by the instructor. Prerequisites: Completion of all other courses in the MBA.
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