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SPED 6650 Practicum Strategies with Special Populations (2 credits)

This is a 2-credit graduate practicum course where students, using scientifically based research strategies, learn to identify the characteristics of teacher-student interactions and design curricular interventions that address socio-emotional interactions, classroom organization and management, as well as instructional support to accommodate diverse learners in reading, writing, mathematics, and social skills... This course requires an 80-hour practicum approved that includes developing an individual focus project. This course is for Conventional and Add-on Licensure students (those who take 3 classes for an ASD, EBD, or SLD license after they have completed the requirements for their first license). Prerequisite(s): Completion of initial SPED license: SPED 3/5600, 3/5650, 3/5655, 4/5715,6605,6608,6603
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