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2022-2023 Graduate Catalog

Graduate: Understanding University Credit

Semester Credits

The unit of credit is the semester credit, representing the satisfactory completion of a subject pursued for a period of not less than fifty (50) classroom minutes per week for the semester, or two periods (100 minutes) of laboratory work per week for the semester, or the equivalent.

Students who transfer quarter credits are awarded .67 semester credits for every quarter credit accepted.

Maximum Credit Load

Residence Credit

Fifty Percent (50%) Requirement

According to MnSCU Policy, “At least one-half of the required credits in a master’s degree, exclusive of a thesis, capstone or similar culminating project, shall be credits restricted exclusively to graduate student enrollment.” Therefore, the graduate student’s course work must include a minimum of 50% of 6000-level credits, excluding those credits associated with a thesis, research paper, capstone, or similar culminating project.

Extended Learning

Credits earned through Extended Learning are considered Bemidji State University residence credits.

Correspondence Credits

Correspondence credits are semester credits earned in courses taken by correspondence through an accredited institution of higher education.

Non-Collegiate and Experiential Learning

Extended Learning, 105 Deputy Hall

The University's program for the evaluation of non-college and experiential learning which occurred prior to or outside a formal academic institution enables students to enrich or accelerate their program of study. Such learning may be the result of a variety of life experiences, such as continuing education, work experience, or individual study. Experiential university credit is not awarded on the basis of experience alone, but for the achievement of an advanced level of knowledge and/or skill.

The methods of determining either recognition or university credit are predicated on prior learning that is considered to be at a university level. Each department determines the criteria, if any, which if satisfied, will result in the awarding of university credit. The departments have the prerogative of determining which courses, if any, may be evaluated for non-college or experiential learning.

Transfer of Credits to Other Institutions

Credits earned at Bemidji State University are accepted by other colleges and universities, if they are applicable to the student's undergraduate or graduate program.

As the University cannot certify credit earned at other institutions, copies of transcripts other than those from Bemidji State University will not be issued.