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2023-2024 Graduate Catalog | 20243

PDF of Education, M.A.T.

Education, M.A.T. mat

Required Credits: 30
Required GPA: 3.00

I. Required Core

Complete the following courses:

III. Elective Options

Option I.
Complete 12 credits of 5000 or 6000 level elective
courses from ED and/or other departments to build
an area of emphasis using the 'Open Study' option
or complete a 'Certificate/Elective emphasis'
Note: Online Teaching Certificate courses include
ED 6120, ED 6336, ED 6446 and ED 6447.

Option II:
Teacher License Coursework (up to 15 credits)
**This master's degree is not a teaching license-
granting program, but could be used in conjunction with
the pursuit of a secondary teaching license (i.e.
FasTrack-Bemidji Secondary Post-Bac Initiative)