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2023-2024 Graduate Catalog | 20243

PDF of Music Education, M.M.E.

Music Education, M.M.E. mme

This 33 credit Master of Music Education program prepares K-12 teachers in choral, instrumental, and general music specializations. All students will study general music methods and will select a choral or instrumental conducting track. This cohort based program can be completed over three years in month-long summer intensives. Studies focus on Kodály pedagogy, conducting, musicianship, and private music study, culminating in a capstone recital, project, or research.

Required Credits: 33
Required GPA: 3.00

I. Required Foundation Courses

A. Musicianship
Complete the following courses:

B. Performance Studies
Complete the following course (take 3 semesters):

Complete the following course (take 2 semesters)
Enroll in Fall and Spring between Summers II
and III

C. Teaching Pedagogy
Complete the following courses:

D. Contemporary Topics
Complete the following courses:

E. Curriculum
Complete the following courses:

II. Required Electives

 Select one specialization:

1. Choral and General Music
MUS 5640 must take 3 semesters

2. Instrumental and General Music
MUS 5740 must take 3 semesters

III. Professional Application

Complete the following course:

Music Education, MME  (33 credits)
Sample Course Sequence / Suggested semester schedule

Summer I (10 credits)

         Choose Choral or Instrumental Track (select one)

Summer II (10 credits)

         Choose Choral or Instrumental Track (select one)

Fall Semester after Summer II (1 credit)

Spring Semester after Summer II (1 credit)

Summer III (11 credits)

         Choose Choral or Instrumental Track (select one)