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2023-2024 Graduate Catalog | 20243

PDF of Special Education, M.SPED

Special Education, M.SPED msped


The Master of Special Education provides advanced training and licensure in Specific Learning Disabilities, Emotional or Behavioral Disorders, or Autism Spectrum Disorders. This degree program prepares teachers to apply evidence-based practices in classroom settings; develop, adapt, and modify curriculum; and utilize relevant literature and research to improve outcomes for students with special needs. The Master of Special Education degree is based on the Council for Exceptional Children’s (CEC) Initial Level Special Educator Preparation Standards and the Minnesota Special Education Licensure Standards. Note: Some students may require additional courses and credit hours depending on their current degree and Minnesota teacher licensure status.


Required Credits: 32
Required GPA: 3.00

Special Education Core Courses

Students will develop a 32 credit plan of study with their advisor that includes courses from the special education core, at least one disability category, practicum/student teaching, and the Master's sequence which includes the comprehensive examination.

Complete the following courses:

Choose at least one of the following areas of study.

SLD Licensure Courses
Complete the following courses:

EBD Licensure Courses
Complete the following courses:

ASD Licensure Courses
Complete the following courses:

Practicum Courses/Student Teaching

Complete one of the following courses:
Note: SPED 6180 is only for students seeking initial licensure in special education, e.g. FastTrack.
Note: SPED 6650 is for students who hold a current teacher license (Minnesota tier 3 or 4) and are adding an
          additional license.

Master's Sequence

Complete the following:

Note: At the end of their program, all Master's
students must take the following course and
comprehensive examination.