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2023-2024 Graduate Catalog | 20143

PDF of Special Education, M.SPED

Special Education, M.SPED msped

The Master of Special Education is an application degree designed for practicing teachers seeking licensure in either specific learning disabilities, emotional behavioral disorders or autism spectrum disorders.  Components of the degree emphasize theory to practice in practicum settings, development and modification of curriculum for students with special needs, and an understanding of relevant literature and research within the field. Twenty-nine of the thirty-six credit hours in the Master of Special Education degree are based on the Council of Exceptional Children (CEC) Initial Level Special Educator Preparation Standards and the Minnesota Special Education Licensure Standards. The remaining seven credit hours are research-based professional application courses. The degree, by itself, does not result in Minnesota special education licensure; additional courses are required to be recommended for special education licensure. 

Required Credits: 36
Required GPA: 3.00

Standard 1: Learner Devl & Individual Learning Diff

Complete the following courses:

Standard 2: Learning Environments

Curriculum Techniques with Special Populations

Standard 3: Curricular Content Knowledge

Complete the following courses:

Standard 4: Assessment

Due Process in SpEd II: Assessment & Reporting

Standard 5: Instructional Planning & Strategies

Complete the following course:

Standard 6: Professional Learning and Ethical Practice

Complete the following courses:

Standard 7: Collaboration

Collaborative Techniques for Special Educators

Professional Application

Complete the following courses: