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NameLocationPO BoxPhoneJob PositionOffice/Department
Acker, RandalBridgeman Hall 232#34(218) 755-2949Adjunct FacultyTechnology, Art & Design
Adams, Dr. JulieA.C. Clark Library 234#46(218) 755-4219Management Analyst 3eLearning/Desire2Learn (D2L)
Aitken-Julin, Mrs. MollySattgast Hall 207 G#18(218) 755-2038Internship and Employment CoordinatorAlumni Association
Al-Arfaj, AmnaDeputy Hall 103#13(218) 755-4096International RecruiterInternational Program Center
Al-Odeh, Dr. MahmoudBridgeman Hall 229#34(218) 755-4223Assistant ProfessorTechnology, Art & Design
Albers, PhilipHeating Plant #1(218) 755-2886Stationary EngineerPhysical Plant
Aldis, LindaDeputy Hall 333#4(218) 755-2068Adjunct FacultyProfessional Education
Amble, ChristinaBensen Hall 319#35(218) 755-3733Adjunct FacultyProfessional Education
Anderly-Dotson, Amy Adjunct Instructor
Anderson, JaniceCedar Apartments 117#42(218) 755-3937Medical TechnologistHealth and Counseling Services, Student Center
Anderson, ShawnGillett Recreation-Fitness Center #29(218) 755-4135General Maintenance WorkerGillett Recreation-Fitness Center
Arneson, MelissaDeputy Hall 161#26(218) 755-3777ITS 3/Tech Support Analyst/Student ManagerHelp Desk - see Information Technology Services
Arneson, WyattSattgast Hall (218) 755-2920Adjunct FacultyEconomics
Arsham, Andrew Assistant ProfessorBiology
Atteberry, JenniferBensen Hall 109 G#15(218) 755-2529Assistant ProfessorNursing
Augustine, ShariHagg-Sauer Hall 389#23(218) 755-2345Office and Administrative Specialist IntermediateArts and Sciences, College of
Backer, DianeDeputy Hall 305#3(218) 755-3999Customer Service Specialist PrincipalAcademic Affairs
Bagaason, MarkPhysical Education Complex 241#29(218) 755-2324Women's Golf Coach/Asst Wm's BsktballAthletics
Bagnell, Craig Assistant Football CoachAthletics
Bahr, BrettAlumni House #17(218) 755-2599Interim Alumni DirectorAdmissions
Bahr, LaureeA.C. Clark Library 230#28(218) 755-3341Library Technician, Acquisitions/SerialsLibrary & Library Services
Bahr, Dr. DavidSattgast Hall 311#27(218) 755-2916Associate ProfessorPhysics
Bailey, GwenDeputy Hall 114#14(218) 755-4367Assistant Director of Financial AidFinancial Aid
Bailey-Johnson, ErikaHobson Memorial Union #31(218) 755-2560Sustainability CoordinatorEnvironmental, Earth & Space Studies
Baird, Mr. BenjaminPhysical Education Complex 242#29(218) 755-2941Adjunct FacultyAthletics
Bakke, ChristineHagg-Sauer Hall 341#86(218) 755-3987Adjunct FacultyMathematics and Computer Science
Bakken, ColleenHagg-Sauer Hall 349#23(218) 755-2486Adjunct FacultyEnglish
Bakken, Dr. VirgilBangsberg Hall 204#16(218) 755-3370ProfessorMass Communication
Bannor, MitchellCentral Maintenance Building #1(218) 755-2060General Repair WorkerPhysical Plant
Bard, StephanieDeputy Hall 114#14(218) 755-2263Associate Director of Financial AidFinancial Aid
Barnes, Travis Adjunct Instructor
Bartels, TravisWalnut Hall #33(218) 755-3750General Maintenance WorkerPhysical Plant
Bartlett, JamesDeputy Hall 327#2(218) 755-2746Associate Director of Communications & MarketingCommunications & Marketing
Beck, Mrs. SandraLinden Hall #33(218) 755-3750General Maintenance WorkerPhysical Plant
Beech, Dr. ThomasHagg-Sauer Hall 243#23(218) 755-3964ProfessorPolitical Science
Behrens, SarahSattgast Hall 320#19(218) 755-2093TRIO Upward Bound Outreach CoordinatorTRIO/Upward Bound
Belisle, Edward 1376#60(218) 755-2717Assistant Men's Hockey CoachHuman Performance, Sport, and Health
Bellew, TimPhysical Education Complex 209#29(218) 755-4108Assistant Director of Athletic FacilitiesAthletics, Human Performance, Sport, and Health
Benner, Jean Upward Bound
Bennett, DanielDavid Park House (218) 755-2122Director of Annual Giving, BSU FoundationBSU Foundation
Bensen, Dr. M. JamesDavid Park House #17(218) 755-4215President Emeritus
Benson, Dr. DavidBensen Hall 418#35(218) 755-4007Associate ProfessorProfessional Education
Berard, StephenSattgast Hall 207 L#22(218) 755-3817Instructor, TRIO/SSS Learning Skills SpecialistTRIO/Student Support Services
Berg, MitchellHagg-Sauer Hall Adjunct FacultyPolitical Science
Berglund, Ms. CherylDeputy Hall 346#1(218) 755-3966Human Resources Specialist 1Human Resources
Bernard, GinaHagg-Sauer Hall 326(218) 755-4001Adjunct Instructor
Bertelson, Tammie #CELAdjunct InstructorProfessional Education
Biehn, DuaneGillett Recreation-Fitness Center 110#29(218) 755-4140Assoc Director of Campus RecreationGillett Recreation-Fitness Center
Bilanovic, VisnjaDeputy Hall #13(218) 755-2040Office SpecialistBSU Foundation
Bilanovic, Dr. DragoljubSattgast Hall 128#27(218) 755-2801ProfessorEnvironmental, Earth & Space Studies
Blackwell, William Director AIRC
Blackwood, Cooper Adjunct Faculty
Blake, ChadHeating Plant #1(218) 755-2061PlumberPhysical Plant
Blessing, Mitchell Adjunct Instructor
Bloomquist, MarcHagg-Sauer Hall #23(218) 755-2880Adjunct FacultyCriminal Justice
Bobrowsky, TammyA.C. Clark Library 231#28(218) 755-4110Acquisitions/Serials LibrarianLibrary & Library Services
Bock, MarieDeputy Hall 205#10(218) 755-2250ITS 2/Telecomm Support AnalystProgramming, Network & Servers
Bollinger, RobertDavid Park House #17(218) 755-4147Executive Director for University AdvancementBSU Foundation
Bolte, BrentPhysical Education Complex 214#29(218) 755-2768Asst Football Coach, Asst ProfessorAthletics, Human Performance, Sport, and Health
Boros, GaryPhysical Education Complex #29Director of Strength and ConditioningAthletics
Borwege, NicoleDeputy Hall 102#13(218) 755-2555Admissions RepresentativeAdmissions
Boschee, MichaelPhysical Education Complex 206#29(218) 755-2774Head Men's Basketball CoachAthletics
Boudry, Dr. ValicaBangsberg Hall 203#16(218) 755-3904Associate ProfessorMass Communication
Boxum, Liza Adjunct Faculty
Boyer, TimothyBangsberg Hall 102#43(218) 755-2146Director of Disability Srvs/Student ADA Comp.Off.Disability Services
Bradel, Dr. DonaldBensen Hall #35(218) 755-2833Adjunct InstructorCriminal Justice
Brandt, CynthiaPhysical Education Complex #29(218) 755-2940Adjunct FacultyHuman Performance, Sport, and Health
Bridges, Dr. Barbara #dlit(612) 345-7998ProfessorProfessional Education
Brockman, Dr. TimothyBridgeman Hall 227#34(218) 755-4128Associate ProfessorTechnology, Art & Design
Bronczyk, JamesHeating Plant #1(218) 755-2886Stationary Engineer ReliefPhysical Plant
Brower, SheldonDeputy Hall #1(218) 755-2062General Maintenance WorkerPhysical Plant
Brown, Mr. ChristopherHagg-Sauer Hall 363#23(218) 755-2823Assistant ProfessorMathematics and Computer Science
Bruns, SusanBensen Hall 327#35(218) 755-3781Adjunct FacultyProfessional Education
Buresh, MatthewDeputy Hall 163#10(218) 755-4017ITS 3/Web DeveloperWeb Services
Burlingame, Thomas Adjunct FacultyHuman Performance, Sport, and Health
Butler, BarbaraHobson Memorial Union #31(218) 755-3761Office and Administrative Specialist IntermediateHobson Memorial Union
Byers, Dr. CherylHagg-Sauer Hall 379#23(218) 755-2836ProfessorSocial Work
Callagan, ShawnHeating Plant #1(218) 755-2886Stationary EngineerPhysical Plant
Campbell, AnnA.C. Clark Library #28(218) 755-2968Library TechnicianLibrary & Library Services
Cannon, Ms. KristineDecker Hall Adjunct Instructor
Carlson, AlissaWalnut Hall #33(218) 755-3888Campus Security OfficerPublic Safety
Carlson, AnnaHobson Memorial Union #31(218) 755-2979SustainabilitySustainability
Carlson, DanielSattgast Hall 303#27(218) 755-2781Adjunct FacultyHuman Performance, Sport, and Health
Carlson, Eric Golf CoachAthletics
Carlson, MaryDeputy Hall 103#13(218) 755-3877Office & Administrative Specialist-IntermediateInternational Program Center
Carlson, Dr. StephenBangsberg Hall 337#16(218) 755-3997Professor, Department ChairMusic
Carothers, RobertDeputy Hall 161C#26(218) 755-2103Systems Analysis Unit SupervisorHelp Desk - see Information Technology Services
Carpenter, Dr. Leah #30(218) 755-2515Associate Professor, 3M Chair of AccountingAccounting
Carroll, JacquelineDeputy Hall 302A#3(218) 755-2017Office and Administrative Specialist PrincipalPresident
Carroll, JayHobson Memorial Union #31(218) 755-3760General Maintenance WorkerPhysical Plant
Caughey, KariHagg-Sauer Hall 357#23(218) 755-3984Office and Administrative SpecialistHonors Program
Chadwick, MaryhelenAlumni House #17(218) 755-2122Communications and Marketing Specialist, BSU Foundation
Chadwick, WaynePhysical Education Complex 202#29(218) 755-3784Head Volleyball CoachAthletics
Christensen, Dr. MarkHagg-Sauer Hall 302#23(218) 755-3356ProfessorEnglish
Christenson-Jones, MarybethDeputy Hall 348#1(218) 755-3966Interim Human Resources DirectorHuman Resources
Christofferson, KelseyWalnut Hall #33(218) 755-3750Office and Administrative Specialist-IntermediateHousing and Residence Life
Cirks, KristinaSattgast Hall 207 E#19(218) 755-2559TRIO McNair Associate DirectorTRIO
Cleven, CrystalSattgast Hall 207 C#22(218) 755-2598InstructorTRIO/Student Support Services
Cobb, EvanBangsberg Hall Adjunct Music LessonsMusic
Cobb, Dr. LaurenHagg-Sauer Hall 336#23(218) 755-2816ProfessorEnglish
Coggins, PorterBensen Hall 344#35(218) 755-2720Assistant ProfessorProfessional Education
Colburn, Linda Assistant ProfessorProfessional Education
Columbus, MelissaDeputy Hall 211#10(218) 755-3399ITS 3/Server ManagerProgramming, Network & Servers
Condiff, Dr. MistyBensen Hall 109R#15(218) 755-3860Assistant ProfessorNursing
Conely, Ms. PatriceA.C. Clark Library 311#28(218) 755-3339Associate ProfessorLibrary & Library Services
Cornell, DebraDeputy Hall 207 C#10(218) 755-4605ITS 3/Server ManagerProgramming, Network & Servers
Coulter, AmandaWalnut Hall (218) 755-3750Groundskeeper IntermediatePhysical Plant
Couture, Lisa Adjunct FacultySocial Work
Cowan, Ms. Tricia
Crews, Mr. WilliamPhysical Education Complex T/RM#29(218) 755-2769Athletic TrainerAthletics, Human Performance, Sport, and Health
Crisman, JonSattgast Hall 230#27(218) 755-2965Adjunct FacultyBiology
Cyr, KathrynBensen Hall 319#35(218) 755-3733Adjunct FacultyProfessional Education
Dahl, DawnBridgeman Hall 311#34(218) 755-2203ELCB Instructor
Dahl, JasonSattgast Hall 108#27(218) 755-4006Adjunct Instructor
Dahlgren, BeverlySattgast Hall 215C#27(218) 755-3875Ctrl Svcs Admin Spec, Int.Arts and Sciences, College of
Dahlke, ColetteAmerican Indian Resource Center #21(218) 755-2094Retention CounselorAdvising Success Center
Danielson, DanaDeputy Hall 204#8(218) 755-2776Central Service Administrative Specialist SeniorInventory
Danielson, Mr. DanielA.C. Clark Library #1(218) 755-2062General Maintenance WorkerPhysical Plant
Darmofal, LeslieBensen Hall 109 N#15(218) 755-3860Assistant Professor SummerNursing
Dauksavage, CorinnePhysical Education Complex TRM#29(218) 755-2769Assistant Athletic TrainerAthletics
Davis, CherylHobson Memorial Union #31(218) 755-3760General Maintenance WorkerPhysical Plant
Day, DaxDeputy Hall #1(218) 755-2062General Maintenance WorkerPhysical Plant
Deering, LoriBridgeman Hall 251#30(218) 755-2907Office and Administrative Specialist IntermediateAccounting, Business Administration
Dehler-Seter, LauraBangsberg Hall 105#16(218) 755-4051Adjunct FacultySpeech Communication
Delgado, Ms. VivianAmerican Indian Resource Center 115#21(218) 755-2590Assistant ProfessorLanguages and Ethnic Studies
Delisle, DavidCentral Maintenance Building #38(218) 755-2060Groundskeeper IntermediatePhysical Plant
Dennison, Sara Honors/Adjunct FacultyEnglish, Honors Program
Desiderato, Dr. LaurieHagg-Sauer Hall 208#23(218) 755-2945ProfessorPsychology
DesLauriers, Gia (952) 836-4430Advancement Officer, Twin Cities, BSU Foundation
DeVille, Chelsea Head Women's Basket Ball CoachAthletics
DeVolder, RenaeGillett Recreation-Fitness Center (218) 755-2771AdjunctAthletics
Dill, TracyPhysical Education Complex 200#29(218) 755-4022Director of AthleticsAthletics
Donnay, Dr. PatrickHagg-Sauer Hall 240#23(218) 755-3899ProfessorPolitical Science
Donovan, Dr. BrianHagg-Sauer Hall 374#23(218) 755-2838ProfessorEnglish
Dotson, JacquelineSattgast Hall 207 J#44(218) 755-2224Acting Retention CounselorAdvising Success Center
Downey, Ms. AngelaDeputy Hall 105#4(218) 755-2068Customer Service Specialist IntermediateCenter for Extended Learning
Driscoll, Dr. MarshaHagg-Sauer Hall 211#23(218) 755-2848Professor, Department ChairPsychology
DuBois, Dr. MaryA.C. Clark Library #30(218) 755-3713Assistant ProfessorAccounting
DuMarce, CraigDeputy Hall 165#26(218) 755-3777ITS 2/Computer Labs Tech SupportHelp Desk - see Information Technology Services
Duncan, Mr. SethDeputy Hall #1(218) 755-2062General Maintenance WorkerPhysical Plant
Durgan, JessicaHagg-Sauer Hall #23Assistant ProfessorEnglish
Dvorak, Amy Adjunct Faculty-PEDLProfessional Education
Easterling, Ms. AspenBensen Hall 331#35(218) 755-3781Advising Coordinator for Professional EducationProfessional Education
Eastman, Ms. MariaBangsberg Hall 101# 43(218) 755-3883Customer Service Specialist SeniorDisability Services
Ebbighausen, AaronWalnut Hall #33(218) 755-3888Campus Security SupervisorPublic Safety
Ekhoff, PaulWalnut Hall #33(218) 755-3755Facilities Services SupervisorHousing and Residence Life
Ellinghuysen, MatthewPhysical Education Complex Adjunct FacultyAthletics
Ellingson, Mr. James Adjunct Faculty
Ellis, JohnHagg-Sauer Hall 331#23(218) 755-4355Assistant ProfessorHistory
Enfield, JustinBridgeman Hall #1(218) 755-2062General Maintenance WorkerPhysical Plant
Engesather, KrisDeputy Hall 205D#10(218) 755-2091ITS 3/ProgrammerProgramming, Network & Servers
Erceg, LindaBensen Hall 130(218) 755-2299Adjunct Instructor, Nursing
Erickson, Linda Adjunct instructorProfessional Education
Erickson, MarleneBensen Hall 326#35(218) 755-2930Office and Administrative Specialist IntermediateProfessional Education
Erickson, Mirlande C252A(763) 433-1484Customer Service Specialist Senior
Erickson, RosanneDeputy Hall 329#2(218) 755-2531Office and Administrative Specialist SeniorInformation Technology Services
Eriksson-Capes, Mrs. BarbaraCedar Apartments #42(218) 755-2053Director of Health Services & Nurse PractitionerHealth and Counseling Services, Student Center
Eustice, GaryDeputy Hall 105#4(218) 755-2068Adjunct FacultyPsychology
Everhart, Jeffrey Adjunct FacultyAccounting
Fairbanks, Dr. MaryBensen Hall 109L#15(218) 755-2523Associate ProfessorNursing
Fauchald, Mr. Thomas #30(218) 755-2758ProfessorBusiness Administration
Faust, ScottDeputy Hall 323#2(218) 755-2986Director of Communications and MarketingCommunications & Marketing
Fisher, AndrewPhysical Education Complex Adjunct FacultyAthletic Media Relations
Flaherty, HildaGillett Recreation-Fitness Center #29(218) 755-2940General Maintenance WorkerPhysical Plant
Flicek, SusanBensen Hall (218) 755-2068Adjunct FacultyProfessional Education
Flint, TaraBensen Hall 109 P#15(218) 755-2521Assistant ProfessorNursing
Fodness, MarkPhysical Education Complex #29(218) 755-2941Head Tennis CoachAthletics
Folkestad, Mr. BradleyPhysical Education Complex 203#29(218) 755-4603Director of Sports InformationAthletic Media Relations
Forsyth, Dr. EricPhysical Education Complex 224#29(218) 755-2083ProfessorHuman Performance, Sport, and Health
Fournier, Dr. AngelaHagg-Sauer Hall 206#23(218) 755-2530Associate ProfessorPsychology
Fraik, JenniferCedar Apartments 122#42(218) 755-2053Nurse PractitionerHealth and Counseling Services, Student Center
Frauenholtz, Dr. ToddHagg-Sauer Hall 372#23(218) 755-2817ProfessorMathematics and Computer Science
Fredrickson, PatrickHeating Plant #1(218) 755-2061Plant Maintenance EngineerPhysical Plant
Fredrickson, Dr. Joann #30(218) 755-2755ProfessorBusiness Administration
Frenzel, MichelleDeputy Hall 101A#12(218) 755-2020RegistrarRecords & Registration
Frost, Dr DeanMemorial Hall #30(763) 422-6114ProfessorBusiness Administration
Froyd, Sean Adjunct FacultyEnglish
Fryklund, Amber 1382#60(218) 755-2959Assistant Women's Ice Hockey CoachAthletics
Fujiwara, Dr. KojiDeputy Hall 331#24(218) 755-4606Research Analyst IntermediateInstitutional Research and Effectiveness
Fulton, Dr. MarkSattgast Hall 218E#27(218) 755-2787ProfessorBiology
Fultz, Dr. DwightHagg-Sauer Hall 210#23(218) 755-4050Associate ProfessorPsychology
Gangeness, JeanineSattgast Hall 325#40(218) 755-3870Founding Dean: School of NursingNursing, School of
Gaslin, Tracey Adjunct Instructor
Gaston, Mr. GregBangsberg Hall 304#16(218) 755-2398Adjunct FacultyMusic
Gehrke, JessicaBridgeman Hall 243#34(218) 755-2209Communications Specialist360 Manufacturing & Applied Engineering Ctr of Excellence
Geiger, MarkMaple Hall #33(218) 755-3755General Maintenance WorkerPhysical Plant
Giauque, Ms. MarjorieSattgast Hall 207 K#18(218) 755-2038Director of Career ServicesCareer Services
Gibbon, MaureenHagg-Sauer Hall 351#23(218) 755-4021Associate ProfessorEnglish
Gibson, SallyDeputy Hall 333#4(218) 755-2068Adjunct FacultyProfessional Education
Gilbertson, Dr. TroySattgast Hall 347#35(218) 755-2819Professor, Department ChairCriminal Justice
Gildow, Ms. GwynneBensen Hall 319#35(218) 755-2930Adjunct FacultyProfessional Education
Giniwgiizhig, Dr.American Indian Resource Center 112#21(218) 755-4210Adjunct FacultyLanguages and Ethnic Studies
Girard, LeahSattgast Hall 317 #19(218) 755-3334TRiO/Upward Bound Associate DirectorTRIO/Upward Bound
Gish, MaryDeputy Hall 201B#5(218) 755-2448Accounting Supervisor SeniorBusiness Services
Goins, W Adjunct
Goliaszewski, LauraBensen Hall 212#36(218) 755-3737Adjunct FacultyTechnology, Art & Design
Gonzalez, Dr. JohnHagg-Sauer Hall 207#23(218) 755-2881Associate ProfessorPsychology
Goodwin, TracyBensen Hall 222#15(218) 755-2736Office and Administrative Specialist IntermediateNursing, School of
Goodwin, Dr. TimothyBensen Hall 346#35(218) 755-3745Assistant Professor, Department ChairProfessional Education
Goodyear, DaleBensen Hall 319#35(218) 755-2930Adjunct FacultyProfessional Education
Gora, AngelaDeputy Hall 105#4(218) 755-2851Summer Program DirectorCenter for Extended Learning
Gora, Dr KeithHagg-Sauer Hall #23(218) 755-2882Assistant ProfessorPsychology
Graham, AndrewBridgeman Hall 231#34(218) 755-2953Assistant ProfessorTechnology, Art & Design
Graham, ShaneSanford Hall 2#22(218) 755-2614Upward BoundTRIO/Upward Bound
Graves, William #30(218) 755-3714Assistant ProfessorAccounting
Greenberg, Dr. WendySattgast Hall 106#27(218) 755-2477Assistant ProfessorEnvironmental, Earth & Space Studies
Greer, Dr. ColleenSattgast Hall 215E#27(218) 755-2989Dean, College of Arts and Sciences,Arts and Sciences, College of
Griggs, Mr. RobertDeputy Hall 335#4(218) 755-2068V.P. for Innovation & Extended LearningCenter for Extended Learning, Optivation, Information Technology Services
Grimm, SusanDeputy Hall 101#12(218) 755-2023Customer Service Specialist IntermediateRecords & Registration
Guelda, Dr. DebbieSattgast Hall 218-I#27(218) 755-2786ProfessorBiology
Guentchev, DanielHagg-Sauer Hall 305#23(218) 755-3351Assistant ProfessorPhilosophy
Guest, EmilyDeputy Hall 203#5(218) 755-2046Accounting OfficerBusiness Services
Guggenheimer, Dr. JanHagg-Sauer Hall 377#23(218) 755-2198ProfessorSocial Work
Guidry, Heather Adjunct Faculty
Guidry, ScottBangsberg Hall 359#16(218) 755-3365Assistant ProfessorMusic
Guilfoile, Dr. PatrickDeputy Hall 309#3(218) 755-2016Professor of Biology Chair, BiologyAcademic Affairs
Gullickson, RobinDeputy Hall 101#12(218) 755-4248Assistant Registrar-Curriculum CoordinatorRecords & Registration
Haack, CoryMemorial Hall 101#1(218) 755-2062Delivery Van DriverPhysical Plant
Hafs, Dr. AndrewSattgast Hall 218A#27(218) 755-2789Assistant ProfessorBiology
Hagen, KodyDeputy Hall 163#26(218) 755-2360ITS 3/Lead Web DeveloperWeb Services
Hagen-Swanson, CherishDeputy Hall 103#13(218) 755-4096Director of International Program CenterInternational Program Center
Hagensen, Dr. ElizabethBensen Hall 312#35(218) 755-2841Assistant ProfessorCriminal Justice
Hake, AnyeaBangsberg Hall 107Adjunct FacultyEnglish
Haley, ChristopherDeputy Hall 210#mail(218) 755-3921Office Services Supervisor 1Printing Services
Hall, Dr. NancyBensen Hall 109 Q#15(218) 755-3869Associate ProfessorNursing
Hamann, Dr MichaelSattgast Hall 218M#27(218) 755-2798Associate ProfessorBiology
Hamann, Ms. Anna Adjunct FacultySpeech Communication
Han, Yoon Shik
Hansen, Dr. HeidiHagg-Sauer Hall 371#23(218) 755-2820Assistant ProfessorMathematics and Computer Science
Hanson, Dr. RichardDeputy Hall 304#3(218) 755-2011President
Hanus, Mr. LawrenceCedar Apartments #42(218) 755-2024Associate ProfessorCounseling Services
Harris, ChristineHagg-Sauer Hall 389#23(218) 755-2079Office and Administrative SpecialistHagg-Sauer Hall
Hartman, Aria Adjunct Instructor
Hartshorn, Mrs. PatriciaDeputy Hall 111#48(218) 755-2027Office Administrative SpecialistGraduate Studies, School of
Hassel, ReneeDeputy Hall 202#5(218) 755-2859Customer Service Specialist (Intermittent)Business Services
Haugen, NancySattgast Hall 207 K#18(218) 755-2038Associate Director of Career ServicesCareer Services
Haworth, Dr. JaniceBangsberg Hall 213#16(218) 755-3361Associate ProfessorMusic
Hawthorne, Mathew Adjunct FacultySpeech Communication
Hedlund, MichaelBridgeman Hall #1(218) 755-2062General Maintenance WorkerPhysical Plant
Hegg, MonteDeputy Hall 201#5(218) 755-2903Accounting OfficerAccounting Services
Heitkamp, Joel Adjunct Instructor
Heitkamp, MichaelDeputy Hall 102#13(218) 755-2040Associate VP for Admissions & EnrollmentAdmissions
Helgeson, Mark Adjunct Faculty
Hellmann, Mr. MichaelHagg-Sauer Hall #1(218) 755-2062General Maintenance WorkerPhysical Plant
Hemstock, Mr. RussellDeputy Hall 211#10(218) 755-2112ITS 3/Security ManagerProgramming, Network & Servers
Hendricks, StephanieAmerican Indian Resource Center 109#21(218) 755-2032Office and Administrative Specialist IntermediateAmerican Indian Resource Center
Henningsgaard, JoanneHagg-Sauer Hall 367#23(218) 755-2277Adjunct FacultyMathematics and Computer Science
Henriksen, Brenda Adjunct Faculty
Henry, TheodoreWalnut Hall #33(218) 755-3750General Maintenance WorkerPhysical Plant
Henry, Mr. Roderick #30(218) 755-2752ProfessorBusiness Administration
Hensley, LeAnnDecker Hall #1(218) 755-2062General Maintenance WorkerPhysical Plant
Herbert, MallaryDeputy Hall 101#12(218) 755-4005Customer Service Specialist SeniorRecords & Registration
Herbert, Dr. MichaelBensen Hall 303#35(218) 755-4049ProfessorCriminal Justice
Herr, JulieDeputy Hall 101#12(218) 755-3337Customer Service Specialist IntermediateRecords & Registration
Herried, Mrs. MaryPhysical Education Complex 200B#29(218) 755-2940Office and Administrative Specialist IntermediateAthletics
Hess, CarolDeputy Hall 342#1(218) 755-2445Human Resources AssistantHuman Resources
Hess, MorganBridgeman Hall 311#34(218) 755-2203ELCB Instructor
Hessinger, RebekahPhysical Education Complex #29(218) 755-2769Assistant Athletic TrainerAthletics
Heuer, JanetBensen Hall 307#35(218) 755-2833Assistant ProfessorCriminal Justice
Heuton, HillaryDeputy Hall 101#12(218) 755-4224Customer Service Specialist IntermediateRecords & Registration
Higgins, Dr. BonnieBridgeman Hall 248#34(218) 755-3790ProfessorTechnology, Art & Design
Hiller, LainieSattgast Hall 334#25(218) 755-3780Assistant to the BSUFA President
Hiller, Dr. BrianSattgast Hall 218L#27(218) 755-2212Assistant ProfessorBiology
Himmirska, NataliaBensen Hall 129#36(218) 755-3740Associate ProfessorTechnology, Art & Design
Hix, MunaWalnut Hall #33(218) 444-7579Location Manager, BSU Dining Services
Hodgson, BeverlyDeputy Hall 101#12(218) 755-4214Associate RegistrarRecords & Registration
Hoffman, ChristopherBangsberg Hall 107#43(218) 755-2539Assistant Director, Disability ServicesDisability Services
Hoffman, RebeccaHagg-Sauer Hall 375#23(218) 755-2837Assistant ProfessorSocial Work
Hofstad, LisaDavid Park House #17(218) 755-2872Director of Annual Giving, BSU FoundationBSU Foundation
Holden, Mr. JohnBensen Hall 131#36(218) 755-3736Professor, Visual ArtsTechnology, Art & Design
Holloway, Ms. SherryGillett Recreation-Fitness Center Adjunct Instructor
Holm, LauraBangsberg Hall 201#16(218) 755-2915Office and Administrative Specialist-IntermediateBangsberg Hall
Holter, TerranceDecker Hall 13 A#30(218) 755-4212Adjunct FacultyBusiness Administration
Hommes, Dr. TiffanyBensen Hall 109#15(218) 755-2526Associate ProfessorNursing
Hook, Dr. RichardHagg-Sauer Hall 211#23(218) 755-2870ProfessorPsychology
Hougen, Mr. CraigPhysical Education Complex 227#29(218) 755-2883Associate Prof., Track/Cross Country Head CoachAthletics
Hoven, KierstinPhysical Education Complex 221#29(218) 755-4135Director of Campus RecreationGillett Recreation-Fitness Center
Hovland, DeborahDeputy Hall 203#5(218) 755-2039Account Clerk SeniorBusiness Services
Hovland, KennethHeating Plant #1(218) 755-2061ElectricianPhysical Plant
Hrenchir, Dr. MaryHagg-Sauer Hall 331#23(218) 755-2826Associate ProfessorHistory
Hulla, NormanPhysical Education Complex 211#29(218) 755-2518Asst Women's Volleyball Coach/Asst Athletic DirAthletics
Iaquinto, Dr Anthony #30(218) 755-3873Assistant ProfessorBusiness Administration
Illies, DianeDeputy Hall 201 A#5(218) 755-2743Business ManagerBusiness Services
Ingalls, BrianCentral Maintenance Building #1(218) 755-2060CarpenterPhysical Plant
Isaacson, CarlSattgast Hall 107(218) 755-4104Assistant ProfessorEnvironmental, Earth & Space Studies
Jackson, Dr. LouiseHagg-Sauer Hall #23(218) 751-4820Adjunct FacultyPsychology
Jahner, RichPhysical Education Complex 220#29(218) 755-3785Associate Professor,Assistant Head Football CoachHuman Performance, Sport, and Health, Athletics
Jambor, BrianDeputy Hall 161#26(218) 755-2056ITS 3Help Desk - see Information Technology Services
Janssen, AndrewPhysical Education Complex 200#29(218) 755-2941Assistant Soccer CoachAthletics
Jensen, Ms. BethA.C. Clark Library 233#46(218) 755-4217Management Analyst 3eLearning/Desire2Learn (D2L)
Jergenson, Dr. StacieBensen Hall 308#35(218) 755-3758Assistant ProfessorCriminal Justice
Johnson, LynnDeputy Hall D105B#4(218) 755-2068Director of Distance LearningCenter for Extended Learning
Johnson, MarkCentral Maintenance Building #38(218) 755-2060PainterPhysical Plant
Johnson, NinaHobson Memorial Union #31(218) 755-3760Associate Director of Hobson UnionHobson Memorial Union
Johnson, Todd Assistant ProfessorBusiness Administration
Johnson, Mr. ZacharySattgast Hall 207 M#44(218) 755-2226Acting Director of Advising Success CenterAdvising Success Center
Jones, LisaDeputy Hall 201#5(218) 755-2898Accounting OfficerBusiness Services
Jones, SamanthaHagg-Sauer Hall 238#23(218) 755-3946Assistant ProfessorGeography
Josefson, SachelBridgeman Hall #34(218) 755-2949Assistant ProfessorTechnology, Art & Design
Joyce, William #30(218) 755-2858Assistant ProfessorAccounting
Judkins, JohnBensen Hall 331#35(218) 755-4615Adjunct FacultyProfessional Education
Juve, LauraHagg-Sauer Hall 348#23(218) 755-2487Adjunct FacultyEnglish
Kaiser, Mr. JosephSattgast Hall #1(218) 755-2062General Maintenance WorkerPhysical Plant
Kaney, Tina Upward Bound
Kantack Miller, KariDeputy Hall 102#13(218) 333-6645Diversity Enrollment Rep
Karger, BonnerDeputy Hall 105#4(218) 755-2174Assistant Director of Distance Learning
Karger, BrodieDeputy Hall 161#26(218) 755-3777ITS 2/Tech Support AnalystHelp Desk - see Information Technology Services
Kean, Kevin Women's Cross Country and Track and Field Head CoaAthletics
Kehoe, Ms. MeredithDeputy Hall 103#13(218) 755-3929Adjunct FacultyInternational Program Center
Kerkhoff, AmandaDavid Park House (218) 755-2294Asst. to the Executive Director of AdvancementBSU Foundation
Kern, ArthurGillett Recreation-Fitness Center #29(218) 755-4135General Maintenance WorkerPhysical Plant
Kern, DawnWalnut Hall #33(218) 755-3750General Maintenance WorkerPhysical Plant
Kim, Yongsok Assistant Professor
Kippenhan, Dr. BPhysical Education Complex 219#29(218) 755-2076ProfessorHuman Performance, Sport, and Health
Kivi, Mr. PaulSattgast Hall 108(218) 755-4106Assistant ProfessorEconomics
Klefsas, TracySanford Hall 17#19(218) 755-2108Adjunct InstructorTRIO/Upward Bound
Klinefelter, Kristin Adjunct
Knapp, KellyDeputy Hall 313#20(218) 755-2075Office and Administrative Specialist, SeniorStudent Affairs
Knott, JodiDeputy Hall 114#14(218) 755-4143Assistant Director of Financial AidFinancial Aid
Koch, RichardSattgast Hall 218 K#27(218) 755-2795ProfessorBiology
Krall, LisaDeputy Hall 333#4(218) 755-2068Adjunct FacultyProfessional Education
Kranz, Sandra #30(218) 755-3716Professor, Dept. ChairAccounting
Krautbauer, Amy Upward Bound
Kroeger, Dr. TimSattgast Hall 109#27(218) 755-2783ProfessorEnvironmental, Earth & Space Studies
Krueger, Mrs. DebraBridgeman Hall 251#34(218) 755-2950Office and Administrative Specialist IntermediateTechnology, Art & Design
Kruse, MichaelHeating Plant #1(218) 755-2611Electronics Technician SeniorPhysical Plant
Kuechle, LoralynWalnut Hall #33(218) 755-3750Coordinator of First Year Residential ExperienceHousing and Residence Life
Kusler, ThomasBensen Hall #35(218) 755-3734Adjunct FacultyProfessional Education
La Venture, Dr. Kelly #30(218) 755-4404Assistant ProfessorBusiness Administration
Ladig, MichelleSattgast Hall 215#27(218) 755-2920Office and Administrative Specialist IntermediateArts and Sciences, College of
LaFriniere, TeresaBensen Hall 337#35(218) 755-2934Office and Administrative Specialist IntermediateProfessional Education
Lampert, JanaiAlumni House 2#17(218) 755-2143Account Clerk SeniorBSU Foundation
Langhout, Ms. SusanPhysical Education Complex 215#29(218) 755-2964Adjunct FacultyHuman Performance, Sport, and Health
Lanners, Mrs, JeanDeputy Hall 350#1(218) 755-2012Office and Administrative Specialist PrincipalFinance & Administration
Lanners, Mrs. MarilynDeputy Hall 202G#5(218) 755-2902Accounting Supervisor IntermediatePayroll
Larson, JonA.C. Clark Library Adjunct
Larson, Dr KateHagg-Sauer Hall 209#23(218) 755-2803Assistant ProfessorPsychology
Larson, Dr. JulieSattgast Hall 376#27(218) 755-2791ProfessorChemistry
Larson, Ms. AprilHagg-Sauer Hall 315#23(218) 755-2809Adjunct FacultyLanguages and Ethnic Studies
LaVine, GwenGillett Recreation-Fitness Center Adjunct
Lawrence, LesaDeputy Hall 114#14(218) 755-4142Director of Financial AidFinancial Aid
Lawrence, MonikaBangsberg Hall 206#16(218) 755-3926Adjunct FacultyMass Communication
Lawrence, Dr. MarkHagg-Sauer Hall 239#23(218) 755-2921ProfessorGeography
Leffelman, JeremyBridgeman Hall 234#34(218) 755-4222Assistant Director of 360 Manuf & Applied Eng360 Manufacturing & Applied Engineering Ctr of Excellence
Leif, Mr. Douglas #30(218) 755-2754ProfessorBusiness Administration
Leonhardt, AyleenWalnut Hall #33(218) 755-2077Residence Hall Director Birch & LindenHousing and Residence Life
Leonhardt, DarykDeputy Hall 165#26(218) 755-3777ITS 2/Tech Support AnalystHelp Desk - see Information Technology Services
LeTexier, JessicaBensen Hall 109 K#15(218) 755-3861Assistant ProfessorNursing
Leuthard, MaryA.C. Clark Library #28(218) 755-2956Library TechnicianLibrary & Library Services
Levesque, SarahPhysical Education Complex 216#29(218) 755-2142Associate Director of Athletics/SWAAthletics, Human Performance, Sport, and Health
Lillestol, JanneBensen Hall 332#35(218) 755-3741Assistant ProfessorProfessional Education
Lindee, Mrs. WilmaA.C. Clark Library 226#28(218) 755-4111Library TechnicianLibrary & Library Services
Lindell, Mrs. BelindaDeputy Hall 210#8(218) 755-2043Director of Procurement & LogisticsProcurement & Logistics
Lindstrom, MarleneDavid Park House #17(218) 755-2762Office and Administrative Specialist SeniorBSU Foundation
Livingston, Dr. ColleenHagg-Sauer Hall 362#23(218) 755-2843ProfessorMathematics and Computer Science
Logan, Dr. PBangsberg Hall 205#16(218) 755-2918ProfessorMusic
Ludeman, Dr. RandallWalnut Hall #33(218) 755-3750Associate Director of Res. Life & Conduct OfficerHousing and Residence Life
Lukowski, JeanetteHagg-Sauer Hall 352#23(218) 755-2860Assistant ProfessorEnglish
Lund, MichaelBridgeman Hall 228(218) 755-2951Assistant ProfessorTechnology, Art & Design
Lund, Dr. EricHagg-Sauer Hall 366#23(218) 755-3940Associate ProfessorMathematics and Computer Science
Lunt, DennisHagg-Sauer Hall 313#23(218) 755-2737Assistant Professor SummerHumanities Program
Lyren, Dr. DelBangsberg Hall 325#16(218) 755-3931ProfessorMusic
MaGaurn, Mr. StephenHeating Plant #1(218) 755-2061Plumber ChiefPhysical Plant
Mahaffey, TameraSattgast Hall #15(218) 755-3860Adjunct InstructorNursing
Majkrzak, Matthew Assistant Men's Basketball CoachAthletics
Maki, WilliamDeputy Hall 349#1(218) 755-2012Vice President for Finance and AdministrationFinance & Administration
Maple, Dr. MarciBensen Hall 109 B#15(218) 755-3860Associate ProfessorNursing
Marek, Dr. KeithSattgast Hall 377 B#27(218) 755-2788ProfessorChemistry
Marsh, HeidiHagg-Sauer Hall ProctorNursing
Marsh, MatthewHeating Plant #1(218) 755-2014Electrician LeadPhysical Plant
Marshall, JanisWalnut Hall #33(218) 755-3750General Maintenance WorkerPhysical Plant
Marsolek, RichardBangsberg Hall 126#16(218) 755-2545Environmental Health and Safety Officer 2Public Safety
Martelle, VirginiaDeputy Hall 333#4(218) 755-2068Adjunct FacultyProfessional Education
Martinka, KellyAlumni House Main #17(218) 755-3989Office and Administrative Specialist IntermediateAlumni Association
Massaglia, David #30(218) 755-2906Assistant ProfessorAccounting
Massar, TiaDeputy Hall 102#13(218) 755-2040Admissions RepresentativeAdmissions
Mastro, Dr. JamesBensen Hall 344#35(218) 755-3772ProfessorProfessional Education
Maxwell, Ms MargaretBangsberg Hall 335#201(218) 755-3366Adjunct FacultyMusic
Mayer, Ms. TameraSattgast Hall 347A#27(218) 755-2965Office and Administrative Specialist SeniorHealth Sciences & Human Ecology, College of
McCarthy, CaseyWalnut Hall #33(218) 755-3888Director of Public SafetyPublic Safety
McConnell, GeorgeSattgast Hall 215D#27(218) 755-2989Office and Administrative Specialist SeniorArts and Sciences, College of
McCormick, ToddDeputy Hall 333#4(218) 755-2068Adjunct FacultyProfessional Education
McDermott, Dr. JeanineBensen Hall 109 J#15(218) 755-2524Assistant ProfessorNursing
McDonnell, PeterA.C. Clark Library 228#28(218) 755-2967Asst Professor, Systems/Distance LibrarianLibrary & Library Services
McGinley, RonWalnut Hall #33(218) 444-7576Food Service Director, BSU Dining Services
McKinstra, KathleenDavid Park House #17(218) 755-4039Director of Planned Giving, BSU Foundation
McManus, BrendanHagg-Sauer Hall 320#23(218) 755-4124Associate ProfessorHistory
Meijer, Dr. DeniseBensen Hall 109 A#15(218) 755-2793Assistant ProfessorNursing
Meints, NathanWalnut Hall #33(218) 755-3400Residence Hall DirectorHousing and Residence Life
Meskill, KennethCentral Maintenance Building #38(218) 755-2060General Maintenance WorkerPhysical Plant
Metts, Calland Adjunct FacultyMusic
Meulebroeck, LyleBridgeman Hall 233#34(218) 755-2733Assistant ProfessorTechnology, Art & Design
Meyer, JaimeeBridgeman Hall 240#34(218) 755-2206Assistant Director 360 Center of Excellence360 Manufacturing & Applied Engineering Ctr of Excellence
Miller, EkrenPhysical Education Complex 241#29(218) 755-2513Men's Golf CoachAthletics
Miller, JoanDeputy Hall 111#48(218) 755-2027Director, School of Graduate StudiesGraduate Studies, School of
Miner, JenniferWalnut Hall #33(218) 444-7576Marketing Coordinator, BSU Dining Services
Miner, SethDeputy Hall 102#13Associate Director of Admissions and EnrollmentAdmissions
Moen, Dr. JanetHagg-Sauer Hall 311#23(218) 755-2278Adjunct FacultySociology
Moen, Mr. RichardCentral Maintenance Building #38(218) 755-2060Building Maintenance SupervisorPhysical Plant
Monerson, Dr. JodiWalnut Hall #33(218) 755-3750Director of Housing and Residence LifeHousing and Residence Life
Montgomery, RyanPhysical Education Complex 241#29(218) 755-2323Asst Men's Basketball CoachAthletics
Morgan, Dr. MichaelHagg-Sauer Hall 314#23(218) 755-2814ProfessorEnglish
Morine, Dr. GeraldSattgast Hall 379#27(218) 755-2792ProfessorChemistry
Morris, DianeSattgast Hall 218 D#27(218) 755-4009College Laboratory Service SpecialistBiology
Morrissey, Mr. MarkGillett Recreation-Fitness Center #29(218) 755-3900Assistant Director of Campus Rec Outdoor Prog CtrOutdoor Program Center
Mostad-Jensen, LivA.C. Clark Library 310#28(218) 755-4233Library TechnicianLibrary & Library Services
Mountain, Mr. GarnetAmerican Indian Resource Center 110#21(218) 755-4210Adjunct FacultyIndian Studies
Murray, MichaelSattgast Hall 127#27(218) 755-2910Assistant ProfessorEconomics
Narum, DianneA.C. Clark Library 225#28(218) 755-3340Assistant ProfessorLibrary & Library Services
Nei, Ms. KristiBensen Hall 338#35(218) 755-4613Assistant ProfessorProfessional Education
Nelson, SusanBangsberg Hall 335#16(218) 755-3364Adjunct FacultyMusic
Neville, Melinda Adjunct FacultyMathematics and Computer Science
Neville, Mr. FrancoisHagg-Sauer Hall 361#23(218) 755-2840Assistant ProfessorMathematics and Computer Science
Nielsen, Carol #30(218) 755-2753ProfessorBusiness Administration
Niemi, Jessica Adjunct Faculty
Nipp, KellyHagg-Sauer Hall 342#23(218) 755-2844Adjunct FacultyMathematics and Computer Science
Nolting, KatieDecker Hall 305#30(218) 755-3715Adjunct FacultyBusiness Administration
Norelius, CarolineAlumni House #17(218) 755-2599Alumni DirectorAcademic Affairs
Norman, Dr. ShannonPhysical Education Complex 207#29(218) 755-4099Assistant ProfessorHuman Performance, Sport, and Health
Norris-Raynbird, Dr. CarlaHagg-Sauer Hall 317#23(218) 755-2828Associate ProfessorSociology, Women's Studies Gender Studies
Noska, DennisHeating Plant #1(218) 755-2061Plant Maintenance EngineerPhysical Plant
Nygaard, MelvinPhysical Education Complex #29(218) 755-2940Athletic Equipment ManagerHuman Performance, Sport, and Health
O'Brien, JamesAmerican Indian Resource Center #1(218) 755-2062General Maintenance WorkerPhysical Plant
O'Brien, Ms. KathleenHobson Memorial Union #31(218) 755-3763Assistant Director of Hobson UnionHobson Memorial Union
OBryan, SoniaBensen Hall 409#35(218) 755-3774Assistant ProfessorProfessional Education
Olberding, Mary Adjunct Faculty
Oldham, Dr. RonaldBensen Hall 407#35(218) 755-3776Adjunct Faculty
Olney, Dr. DouglasDeputy Hall 333#24(218) 755-2764Director of Institutional Research & EffectivenessInstitutional Research and Effectiveness
Olney, Dr. SylviaHagg-Sauer Hall 309#23(218) 755-2540Fixed TermSociology
Olson, CurtisBangsberg Hall 347#16(218) 755-2855Adjunct FacultyMusic
Olson, DavidDeputy Hall 210#38(218) 755-2269Central Services Administrative SpecialistPrinting Services
Olson, EricBangsberg Hall Adjunct Music LessonsMusic
Olson, GeriDeputy Hall 151#26(218) 755-2759ITS 3/Classroom Technology ManagerInformation Technology Services
Olson, Jennifer Adjunct FacultyMusic
Olson, SharonDeputy Hall 202#5(218) 755-2045Account Clerk SeniorCashiers
Olson, ZacharySattgast Hall 318#19(218) 755-2108TRiO Upward Bound Academic CoordinatorTRIO/Upward Bound
Olson, Dr. JudyBensen Hall 407#35(218) 755-3749ProfessorProfessional Education
Omboga, GeorgeBensen Hall 129(218) 755-3747Research Analyst IntermediateHealth Sciences & Human Ecology, College of, Nursing, School of
Openshaw, Dr. KerrySattgast Hall 218-G#27(218) 755-2799ProfessorBiology
Overlie, Mary Adjunct Instructor
Owens, LylaHagg-Sauer Hall #23Adjunct FacultyEnglish
Paine, Emily Adjunct FacultySocial Work
Palivec, Dr. DonnaPhysical Education Complex 218#29(218) 755-2047ProfessorHuman Performance, Sport, and Health
Palmiscno, TobyPhysical Education Complex 241#60(218) 755-2707Men's/Women's Hockey Equipment ManagerHuman Performance, Sport, and Health
Pankow, Kenneth Adjunct Tennis Coach
Paskvan, Mr. RogerDeputy Hall 234#16(218) 755-3903ProfessorMass Communication
Passa, JacobCedar Apartments #42(218) 755-2080Health Education CoordinatorHealth and Counseling Services, Student Center
Patrias, MarlaDavid Park House #17(218) 755-2876Prospect Researcher, BSU FoundationAlumni Association
Pattock, Jill Adjunct
Paul, Dr. SheilaSattgast Hall 325#15(218) 755-3870Interim Assistant Dean, College of Arts and SciencNursing
Pawlowski, Dr. DonnaHagg-Sauer Hall 348#23(218) 755-2487Associate ProfessorSpeech Communication, English
Pazdernik-Hensch, ShanaSattgast Hall Adjunct FacultyProfessional Education
Perreault, TheresaDeputy Hall 161#26(218) 755-3777ITS 2/Tech Support Analyst/D2L SupportHelp Desk - see Information Technology Services
Pesek, JessamayBensen Hall Adjunct FacultyProfessional Education
Peters, R. H.Alumni House #17(218) 755-2767Faculty and Head Men's Hockey Coach Emeritus
Petersen, LoriDeputy Hall 114#14(218) 755-2034Customer Service Specialist IntermediateFinancial Aid
Peterson, AaronBangsberg Hall #1(218) 755-2062General Maintenance WorkerGillett Recreation-Fitness Center
Peterson, DennisBensen Hall 226#34(218) 755-2954Adjunct FacultyTechnology, Art & Design
Peterson, KatieSattgast Hall 337 C#27(218) 755-3880Assistant ProfessorChemistry
Peterson, RussellBangsberg Hall AdjunctMusic
Peterson, Dr. DebraHagg-Sauer Hall 316#23(218) 755-3943ProfessorSociology
Phukan, Dr. SanjeevDeputy Hall 329#3(218) 755-2147Director of International Relations/ProfessorBusiness Administration
Pickle, Dr. RoxanneDeputy Hall 333#4(218) 755-2068Assistant ProfessorProfessional Education
Pirkl, JenniferCedar Apartments 127#42(218) 755-2053Psychologist 2Counseling Services
Price, HyramHobson Memorial Union #31(218) 755-3760General Maintenance WorkerHobson Memorial Union
Prussia, Leah Adjunct FacultySocial Work
Pula, ScottWalnut Hall #33(218) 755-3888Campus Security OfficerPublic Safety
Rafferty, Dr. JamesHagg-Sauer Hall 204#23(218) 755-2884Professor of PsychologyPsychology
Rasmussen, LindaAlumni House 2#17(218) 755-2778Accounting Officer IntermediateBSU Foundation
Rathe, LynetteDeputy Hall 202#5(218) 755-2859Customer Service Specialist (Intermittent)Payroll
Rave, Dr. ElizabethSattgast Hall 218C#27(218) 755-2785ProfessorBiology
Reed, TessaAmerican Indian Resource Center 113#21(218) 755-3979Assistant ProfessorIndian Studies
Rees, Gary Adjunct FacultySpeech Communication
Reiplinger, KristiCedar Apartments #42(218) 755-2053Licensed Practical NurseHealth and Counseling Services, Student Center
Renbarger, Dr. CoryBangsberg Hall 349#16(218) 755-2867Assistant ProfessorMusic
Renken, Mrs. DianeDeputy Hall 102#13(218) 755-2021State Program Administrative Technical SpecialistAdmissions
Reznicek, StevenBangsberg Hall 361#16(218) 755-2700Adjunct FacultyMusic
Richardson, HeatherDeputy Hall 202#5(218) 755-2859Account ClerkVendor Payments
Richgels, Dr. GlenHagg-Sauer Hall 360#23(218) 755-2824ProfessorMathematics and Computer Science
Richter, RickyHeating Plant #1(218) 755-2061Chief Power Plant EngineerPhysical Plant
Rickers, SusanHagg-Sauer Hall 377#23(218) 755-2835Assistant ProfessorSocial Work
Ricks, AnnieSattgast Hall 352#27(218) 755-2780Adjunct FacultyChemistry
Ricks, TravisHagg-Sauer Hall 203(218) 755-2106Assistant ProfessorPsychology
Riedel, AnnaDeputy Hall 104#13(218) 755-2618Office and Administrative Specialist SeniorHousing and Residence Life
Riley, JodiDeputy Hall 201D#5(218) 755-2052Accounting TechnicianVendor Payments
Rios-Sanchez, MiriamSattgast Hall 207 F#27(218) 755-2563Fixed Term FacultyEnvironmental, Earth & Space Studies
Rivera, BlancaHagg-Sauer Hall 300#23(218) 755-3354Associate Professor, Dept. ChairLanguages and Ethnic Studies
Rivera-Hokanson, Dr. MiriamHagg-Sauer Hall 317#23(218) 755-2810Associate ProfessorLanguages and Ethnic Studies
Robins, Mr. WayneBensen Hall #1(218) 755-2062General Maintenance WorkerPhysical Plant
Robinson, Shelley #adjAdjunct CELPsychology
Roemer, Terisa AdjunctAthletics
Rogers, TammyDeputy Hall 203#5(218) 755-2064Account Clerk SeniorAccounts Receivable
Rongstad, LindaDeputy Hall ##5Customer Service SpecialistBusiness Services
Ross, Ms. KerryBridgeman Hall 239#34(218) 755-4902Associate Director of OptivationOptivation
Rusch, GretchenBangsberg Hall 323#16(218) 755-3364Adjunct FacultyMusic
Russell, SharonDecker Hall 110#30(218) 755-3732Office and Administrative Specialist SeniorBusiness, Technology & Communication, College of
Russell, Dr. Carol AnnHagg-Sauer Hall 306#23(218) 755-2029ProfessorEnglish
Ruzicka, VictoriaBridgeman Hall 236#34(218) 755-2997Office and Administrative Specialist Intermediate360 Manufacturing & Applied Engineering Ctr of Excellence
Rypkema, CraigHagg-Sauer Hall #23(218) 755-2824Adjunct FacultyMathematics and Computer Science
Sailer, Andrew Assistant Director of Athletic Media Relations
Samsa, LouisBangsberg Hall 361#16(218) 755-2700Adjunct FacultyMusic
Samuelson, JanelHobson Memorial Union #41(218) 444-8509Course Materials Manager, BSU Bookstore
Sand, EricPhysical Education Complex T/RM#29(218) 755-2769Assistant Athletic TrainerAthletics
Sande, Mr. JeffDeputy Hall 347#1(218) 755-3988Physical Plant ManagerPhysical Plant
Santala, Jessica Adjunct FacultySpeech Communication
Sarles, GregoryHagg-Sauer Hall 341#50(218) 755-3987Adjunct FacultyMathematics and Computer Science
Scanlan, JamesPhysical Education Complex ##60(218) 755-0000Head Women's Ice Hockey CoachAthletics
Schafer, Dr. RacheleBensen Hall 343#35(218) 755-4046Assistant ProfessorProfessional Education
Scharenbroich, Kristin Adjunct Instructor
Schmidt, AngelaSattgast Hall 207#18(218) 755-2405Customer Service Specialist SeniorCareer Services
Schmitt, MichaelHeating Plant #1(218) 755-2061ElectricianPhysical Plant
Schmitt, Mr. MarkCentral Maintenance Building #38(218) 755-2060LocksmithPhysical Plant
Schmitz, LisaBensen Hall #35(218) 755-3734Assistant Professor SummerDLiTE (PEDL)
Schnackenberg, KirstenDeputy Hall 350#1(218) 755-3966Personnel AideHuman Resources, Physical Plant
Schnellbach, TonyDecker Hall 10#43(218) 208-7544Northwest Regional Veterans Assistance Coordinator
Schuette, GeniseDeputy Hall 102#13(218) 755-2180State Program Administrator Technical SpecialistAdmissions
Schultz, Mr. DennisCentral Maintenance Building #38(218) 755-2060Cabinet MakerPhysical Plant
Schulz, Ms. KimberlyCedar Apartments #42(218) 755-3937Medical TechnologistHealth and Counseling Services, Student Center
Scott, ChadDeputy Hall #4(218) 755-2068Coordinator & Instructor of Applied Psychology (AUC)Center for Extended Learning
Sea, DebraBangsberg Hall 214(218) 755-3358Assistant ProfessorMass Communication
Serratore, Thomas 1372#60(218) 755-2879Head Men's Hockey Coach, Associate ProfessorAthletics, Human Performance, Sport, and Health
Sertich, SallyPhysical Education Complex 212#29(218) 755-2072Adjunct FacultyHuman Performance, Sport, and Health
Sewall, Mr. CarlBangsberg Hall 203#16(218) 755-3904Assistant ProfessorMass Communication
Shaman, Mr. WilliamA.C. Clark Library 208#28(218) 755-3349Associate ProfessorLibrary & Library Services
Sheikholeslami, Mehdi #30(218) 755-3710ProfessorAccounting
Sherwood, AnnaDeputy Hall (218) 755-2040Admissions RepresentativeAdmissions
Shindelar, SherryHagg-Sauer Hall 350#23(218) 755-2359Adjunct FacultyEnglish
Sillerud, JeffreyWalnut Hall 33#33(218) 755-3888Campus Security OfficerPublic Safety
Skime, ThomasBangsberg Hall 120#16(218) 755-4127Theatre TechnicianArts and Sciences, College of
Skriba, Anne Assistant Women's Basketball CoachAthletics
Skudlarek, DanielBridgeman Hall #1(218) 755-2062General Maintenance WorkerPhysical Plant
Slough, DebbiePhysical Education Complex 200#29(218) 755-2941Office and Administrative Specialist IntermediateAthletics
Smith, MichaelCentral Maintenance Building #38(218) 755-2060Machinery Repair WorkerPhysical Plant
Smith, MichaelDeputy Hall 207#10(218) 755-2071ITS 4/Network ManagerProgramming, Network & Servers
Smith, Dr. David Associate ProfessorBusiness Administration
Snorek, Karen Vice President of Finance and AdministrationFinance & Administration
Solo, TroyDeputy Hall 210#mail(218) 755-3921Central Services Administrative Spec. IntermediatePrinting Services
Son, Dr Young Seob #30(218) 755-3715Assistant ProfessorBusiness Administration
Sonsteng, Dr. KathleenBensen Hall 338#35(218) 755-4613Adjunct FacultyProfessional Education
Sorensen, MaryDeputy Hall 114#14(218) 755-2036Customer Service Specialist SeniorFinancial Aid
Souba, DaveWalnut Hall #33(218) 444-7576Director, BSU Dining Services
Spears, ShellyTamarack Hall #33(218) 755-3755General Maintenance WorkerPhysical Plant
Stackhouse, Dr. JillHagg-Sauer Hall 241#23(218) 755-3350Assistant ProfessorGeography
Staker, JoAnn Adjunct FacultyProfessional Education
Statton, Mr. DannyBangsberg Hall 127#1(218) 755-2062Facilities Services SupervisorPhysical Plant
Steffen, Mrs SandraDeputy Hall 204#8(218) 755-2044Procurement & Logistics AgentPurchasing
Steggall, KelliSattgast Hall 207 I#19(218) 755-2504Director of TRiO McNair/SSS, Upward BoundTRIO/Student Support Services
Steinmetz, BrentCentral Maintenance Building #1(218) 755-2060General Repair WorkerPhysical Plant
Stone, JamesPhysical Education Complex 206#29(218) 755-2773Assistant Professor, Soccer Head CoachAthletics, Human Performance, Sport, and Health
Strong, SusanBensen Hall #1(218) 755-2062General Maintenance WorkerPhysical Plant
Strong, Dr. ShawnDecker Hall 110#30(218) 755-3732Dean, College of Business Technology and CommBusiness, Technology & Communication, College of
Strowbridge, LarryHeating Plant #1(218) 755-2061Stationary EngineerPhysical Plant
Strowbridge, NicoleDeputy Hall 114#14(218) 755-2741Customer Service Specialist SeniorFinancial Aid
Sundahl, Mr. StevenBensen Hall 130#36(218) 755-3742Associate ProfessorTechnology, Art & Design
Sundeen, Mr. EricBangsberg Hall 106#16(218) 755-3934Adjunct FacultyMusic
Supinski, RickPhysical Education Complex #29(218) 755-2072Head Women's Softball CoachAthletics
Swain, LarryHagg-Sauer Hall 351#23(218) 755-2484Assistant ProfessorEnglish
Swartz, Mr. JohnDeputy Hall 314#2(218) 755-2041University PhotographerCommunications & Marketing
Tadlock, MartinDeputy Hall 301B#3(218) 755-2015Provost & Vice Pres for Academic AffairsAcademic Affairs
Tarmizi, Dr Halbana #30(218) 755-2751Assistant ProfessorBusiness Administration
Tarutis, SarahBensen Hall 109 F#15(218) 755-2522Assistant Professor, Department ChairNursing
Taylor, MindyGillett Recreation-Fitness Center #29(218) 755-4140Athletic Equipment ManagerHuman Performance, Sport, and Health
Tesch, JefferyPhysical Education Complex 225#29(218) 755-2772Assistant Professor, Head Football CoachAthletics, Human Performance, Sport, and Health
Theisen, JenniferDeputy Hall 205C#10(218) 755-2110ITS 3/ProgrammerProgramming, Network & Servers
Theisen, ScottDeputy Hall 211A#10(218) 755-2234ITS 3/Server ManagerProgramming, Network & Servers
Thrash, Mrs. MaryHagg-Sauer Hall 375#23(218) 755-2837Adjunct FacultySocial Work
Tisdell, Mr. RandyWalnut Hall #33(218) 755-2191General Maintenance Worker LeadPhysical Plant
Towley, DavidBridgeman Hall 230#34(218) 755-2205InstructorTechnology, Art & Design
Townsend, Dr. CarolynBensen Hall 109 D#15(218) 755-2527Associate ProfessorNursing
Traxler, Dr. KennethSattgast Hall 377D#27(218) 755-2923Professor, Dept. ChairChemistry
Treuer, Dr. AntonAmerican Indian Resource Center 114#21(218) 755-3968ProfessorLanguages and Ethnic Studies, Indian Studies
Truedson, Dr. JohnSattgast Hall 313A#27(218) 755-2796Dept. Chair of Physics, ProfessorPhysics
Turn, Mr. RickyHeating Plant #1(218) 755-2061Refrigeration MechanicPhysical Plant
Turner, SusanDeputy Hall 202#5(218) 755-2850Account Clerk SeniorPayroll
Ueland, Dr. JeffreyHagg-Sauer Hall 235B#23(218) 755-2805Associate ProfessorGeography
Uhlenhopp, CoryMemorial Hall ##38(218) 755-2873Logistics ClerkPrinting Services
Ulseth, Angela AdjunctProfessional Education
Urban, Dr. MichaelBensen Hall 318#35(218) 755-3782Associate Professor, Department ChairProfessional Education
Utley, Mr. JonCentral Maintenance Building #38(218) 755-2060Grounds and Roads Maintenance CoordinatorPhysical Plant
VanThomma, JamesWalnut Hall #33(218) 755-3750General Maintenance WorkerPhysical Plant
Veenker, Mr. Shane 1380#60(218) 755-4251Assistant Women's Hockey CoachHuman Performance, Sport, and Health
Velez, JoshuaDeputy Hall 210(218) 755-2407Central Services Admin SpecialistPrinting Services
Vincent, AngelaWalnut Hall #33(218) 755-3750Customer Service Specialist IntermediateHousing and Residence Life
Vincent, Ms. RitaCentral Maintenance Building #37(218) 755-2885Central Service Admin. Specialist PrincipalCentral Receiving
Vollan, GregoryHeating Plant ##1(218) 755-2061Stationary EngineerPhysical Plant
Wagner, Jody Adjunct Faculty
Wagner, Ms. LindaBangsberg Hall 368#16(218) 755-4253Adjunct FacultyMusic
Wahl, Dr. JanineBensen Hall 327#35(218) 755-3733Assistant ProfessorProfessional Education
Walkup, GinaDeputy Hall 201#5(218) 755-2899Account Clerk SeniorBusiness Services
Wallert, Mark
Wallingford, Dr. Valerie #30(218) 755-2594Associate ProfessorBusiness Administration
Ward, Dr. MaryDeputy Hall 307#3(218) 755-2010Special Asst. to the Pres. for Affirmative ActionPresident
Ward, Ms. JillHobson Memorial Union #31(218) 755-3766Director of Hobson Memorial UnionHobson Memorial Union
Weaver, Dr. RosalieHagg-Sauer Hall 330#23(218) 755-3947ProfessorEnglish
Webb, Dr. DerekHagg-Sauer Hall 345#23(218) 755-2846Professor, Dept ChairMathematics and Computer Science
Weimann, DennisBangsberg Hall #16(218) 755-3926Adjunct FacultyMass Communication
Westhoff, Dr. RandallDeputy Hall 309#3(218) 755-2016Interim Assistant Vice President Academic AffairsMathematics and Computer Science
Whitcomb, AndreaBensen Hall #35(218) 755-3734Adjunct FacultyProfessional Education
White, KarenBridgeman Hall 238#34(218) 755-2208Dir of Ctr for Mfg & Applied Engineering360 Manufacturing & Applied Engineering Ctr of Excellence
White, MiriamBensen Hall 406A#35(218) 755-3744Adjunct FacultyProfessional Education
White, Dr. JamesPhysical Education Complex 207#29(218) 755-2766Associate ProfessorHuman Performance, Sport, and Health
Wilander, MarkWalnut Hall #33(218) 755-3750General Maintenance WorkerHousing and Residence Life
Wilcox, Jeana Adjunct Instructor
Wilkinson, AndrewDeputy Hall 207#10(218) 755-4045ITS 3/Server ManagerProgramming, Network & Servers
Wilkinson, RebeccaDeputy Hall 204#8(218) 755-2050Accounting Officer IntermediateProcurement & Logistics
Williams, KristopherBridgeman Hall 246#32(218) 755-4901Coordinator of Industrial Training - OptivationOptivation
Williams, Ms. Deonne Adjunct Instructor
Wills, ErigeniaBensen Hall #35(218) 755-3734Adjunct FacultyProfessional Education
Wiltse, DanWalnut Hall (218) 444-7576Catering Manager, BSU Dining Services
Winter, Travis (218) 755-2765Assistant Men's Ice Hockey CoachAthletics
Wizner, Mr. JamesCentral Maintenance Building #38(218) 755-2060PainterPhysical Plant
Wolf, LindaSattgast Hall 207 H# 19(218) 755-2222Management Analyst 1TRIO/Student Support Services
Wolf, Dr. MartyHagg-Sauer Hall 368#23(218) 755-2825ProfessorMathematics and Computer Science
Wood, Dr. Kari #30(218) 755-3925ProfessorBusiness Administration
Wright, WilliamHeating Plant #1(218) 755-2886Plant Maintenance EngineerPhysical Plant
Yordy, JonathanDavid Park House #17(218) 755-4145Chief Development Officer, BSU Foundation
Young, SarahSanford Hall 20#22(218) 755-2399Associate ProfessorTRIO/Student Support Services
Zothman, DaveHobson Memorial Union #41(218) 444-8509Manager, BSU Bookstore
Zothman, MeganDeputy Hall 344#1(218) 755-2502Human Resources AssistantHuman Resources