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Brendan McManus
Associate Professor



Syracuse University, Syracuse, NY
PhD in History, 1991

Syracuse University, Syracuse, NY
MA in History, 1987

Bates College, Lewiston, ME
BA in History, 1982


  • History 1304, World History I (to 1500)
  • History 2228, Renaissance & Reformation Europe
  • History 2510, Medieval England
  • History 2520, Tudor and Revolutionary England
  • History 2560, Modern Germany to Hitler
  • History 2800, REACTING TO THE PAST (a games-pedagogy course)
  • History 2930, A Democracy at War: Athens & The Peloponnesian War
  • History 3208, Greece and Rome
  • History 2218 (formerly 3218) Medieval Europe
  • History 3228 Late Medieval and Renaissance Europe
  • History 3238, Luther, Calvin, and the Reformation
  • History 3248, French Revolution and Napoleon
  • History 2700, World Religions
  • History 4671, Computer Use for the Historian
  • History 4772, Study of History (Historiography)
  • History 4783, Senior Seminar: The Roman Revolution

Research Interests

  • History of Europe, Antiquity through the Early Modern Period
  • History of Law & Jurisprudence
  • Ancient, Medieval, & Early-Modern Political Thought
  • Latin Paleography

Recent Work

Currently I am working on a monograph on the jurist Oldradus de Ponte (d.p.1337) and his consilia which illuminate a broad range of issues in the social and legal history of the early fourteenth century, as well as on the teaching of law-students.

Two Articles: "Thomas More's Utopia" and "The Letters of Abelard and Heloise," for The Encyclopedia of Catholic Literature, edited by Dr. Mary Reichardt, (Greenwood Press, November 2004).

"A Consilium of Fredericus and Oldradus on Super cathedram," Viator 33 (2002) 185-221.