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Travis Ricks

Travis Ricks Associated Professor


Travis R. Ricks is an Assistant Professor in the Psychology Department at Bemidji State University. He completed his bachelor degree in Psychology at Idaho State University and his doctorate in Cognitive Psychology at the University of Illinois at Chicago. After receiving his doctorate Travis took multiple teaching and research positions while starting a family with his wife, Annie. Most of Travis’ spare time and recreation is spent with his two boys and wife and he would not have it any other way. He is the author of several peer-reviewed research articles and loves to engage in the scientific process. In addition to scholarly work he enjoys teaching and interacting with the wonderful undergraduates at Bemidji State University. He teaches Psychological Statistics, Sensation and Perception, and Behavioral Neuroscience courses and enjoys the opportunity to learn right along with his students. When he is not with his family or on campus Travis can often be found running or biking around Lake Bemidji.