Rows of students sitting in front of computers, being advised

Discover essential skills and tools to succeed in your academic journey. Learn how to manage your time effectively, assess your learning style, improve study skills and reduce exam anxiety. Check out our resources for academic success planning, GPA calculators and more.

Time Management and Organizational Tools

Study Skills Assessments

  • Index of Learning Styles Questionnaire
    Free online assessment of your learning style with study skill strategies based on your personal learning style.
  • StrengthsQuest
    Assess your top five innate talents and use the online resources to develop your academic strengths in college.

Successful Study Strategies

GPA Calculators

  • Calculate Semester GPA
    Calculate your semester GPA in order to assess your academic progress.
  • Raising Your GPA
    Use this calculator to see what you may need to earn this semester to raise your cumulative GPA goal.

Academic Success Planning

The Academic Success Plan consists of both a Student Development Plan and a Student Enrollment Plan.

  • Student Development Plan
    The Student Development Plan identifies areas of student challenges and ways to support student challenges. The Student Development Plan is specifically developed for students conditionally admitted to the university or those placed on academic warning or academic probation.
  • Student Enrollment Plan
    The Student Enrollment Plan is a semester-by-semester map of your enrollment at BSU.