Though students are ultimately responsible for the choices they make in college, BSU realizes that in order to make informed decisions, you need the mentoring and advice of academic advisors and others in the university community.

When you enroll at BSU the Advising Success Center will assign you an advisor. Your advisor is your primary resource regarding academic issues, opportunities, and programs, and is your partner in helping you identify the options that will help you achieve your academic goals.

Faculty Advisors

Your relationship with your advisor is one of the most important collaborations you’ll have during your college career. Advising is more than the sharing of information about academic courses and programs. Your advisor will help you ask yourself important questions about the nature and direction of your education and how it fits with your life and will work with you to help you find the answers.

Student Success Workshops Open to all Students

What is a Success Workshop? Students will have the opportunity to create an individual Student Success Plan where you can identify challenges, identify solutions, resources, calculate GPA, and improve study skills for your future academic career. Participants will work closely with Advising Success Team to assist in creating an action plan and solutions while setting goals and turning them into action for future success.

Student Success Workshop Registration

Supplemental Academic Advising

Through supplemental academic advising, the Advising Success Center coordinates strategies for student success for students conditionally admitted to the university and those on academic warning and academic probation as well as those deciding on their major. Strategies include intrusive advising, one-on-one advising sessions, academic success and communication planning, Early Alert, and referral to other student services such as tutoring services, TRiO/SSS, Accessibility Services, Career Services, Student Center for Health and Counseling, and other BSU entities. Student consultations are by appointment but all students are welcome to stop in or may contact us any time.


Resources for Academic Advisors