A professor leaning over to show a student something on a piece of paper

While students are ultimately responsible for the choices they make in college, we understand that informed decisions require guidance from academic advisors and other university community members.

Upon enrollment at BSU, the Advising Success Center assigns you an advisor, who serves as your primary resource for academic matters, opportunities and programs. Your advisor will partner with you in identifying options that align with your academic goals.

Faculty Advisors

Your relationship with your advisor is a crucial aspect of your college experience. Advising goes beyond discussing academic courses and programs. Your advisor helps you ask vital questions about your education’s direction and how it fits into your life, assisting you in finding answers.

Advisor Assignments

  • For most students, your academic advisor is a faculty member from your declared major.
  • If you participate in a campus program such as Honors, FYRE or SSS, your advisor will be a faculty member involved in that program.
  • If you’re not in a campus program and haven’t declared a major, your academic advisor will be your First-Year Experience instructor or an advisor-at-large to guide you until you choose a major.

New students receive their advisor assignment from the Advising Success Center before the fall semester begins. You’re encouraged to contact your advisor within the first three weeks of the semester to introduce yourself and establish an ongoing relationship.

Changing Advisors

You may change your academic advisor at any time during your studies at Bemidji State University.

To change your academic advisor, complete and submit an Advisor Change Form to the Advising Success Center (ASC). The form must be signed by the advisor listed or it won’t be processed. The ASC will process your request and notify you via email about your newly assigned advisor, including their contact information.

Changing Majors

When selecting or changing your academic major, submit an Advisor Change Form to the ASC.

If you change your major, you don’t need to specify a particular faculty member from your new major. The ASC will randomly assign you an advisor from your new major’s department.