TEAS Testing at BSU

Follow these easy steps to schedule your TEAS test at BSU:

  1. Create an ATI Account: Set up an account with ATI prior to testing. You can do that now and return to schedule your exam. We will not be able to administer the test without an ATI account set up.
  2. Prepare for Payment: The cost of the test is $65.00. You must pay with a credit or debit card on the day of the test. Please have a card ready to pay. We will not be able to administer the test without payment.
  3. Bring a Photo ID: Remember to bring a photo ID to check in.
  4. Schedule Your TEAS Test: Complete the Schedule Your TEAS Test Form below to schedule your test. We ask that you identify 3 dates. We will work to schedule your test on your first choice, however, we cannot guarantee it will be available.

Scheduling Your TEAS Test

To be used to schedule TEAS test with BSU.

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