Rucha Ambikar's cultural anthropology course, with students taking notes along a long row

The First Year Experience Seminar (FYE) at Bemidji State University helps new students become competent and self-reliant learners committed to and engaged in their higher education experience.

First Year Experience Learning Outcomes

FYE seminars share the following five student learning outcomes.

Study Skills & Academic Engagement

Students will:

  • develop educational goals
  • understand the requirements of an academic degree plan
  • examine core curriculum
  • present knowledge of personal educational goals and how to achieve them
  • make decisions based on complex information from available sources including personal experience, values and programs

Campus Policies & Procedures

Students will:

  • demonstrate the ability to use information on campus policies and procedures and apply them
  • understand the requirements of codes of conduct
  • have knowledge of the institutional governance systems

Campus Engagement

Students will:

  • determine the balance between academic course load requirements, work and leisure time
  • construct goals for academic requirements, work, leisure time
  • identify opportunities to be involved in curricular and co-curricular activities based on personal, ethical, spiritual and moral values

Peer Connection

Students will:

  • establish relationships with fellow students, staff, faculty, academic advisors and other institutional partners
  • demonstrate ability to listen to others’ points of view
  • treat others with respect

Health Education & Wellness

Student will:

  • identify personal behaviors and environments that promote health and reduce risk
  • recognize services provided to support a healthy lifestyle and healthy campus community
  • distinguish the relationship between health and the development of lifelong goals