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Strategic Plan

The final version of the Strategic Plan is available by clicking here.

On Thursday, March 20, 2014, the University Planning Council met to finalize the draft of the Strategic Plan.  The updated draft with changes to the Mission and Vision statements:  Strategic Plan (as of March 20, 2014)


Agenda & Materials

Updated Strategic Plan 2014-2017

On Thursday, January 9, 2014, President Hanson presented to the campus the draft of the new Strategic Plan for 2014-2017.


Strategic Plan 2014-2017 Summary

Strategic Plan for 2014-2017 (draft)

Post-Planning Strategy Questions

Bemidji State University has six strategic priorities:

Strategy A: Connect to our Communities

Bemidji State recognizes the value of making important connections to constituent groups in our region, state and nation, ensuring higher levels of student success.

Strategy B: Develop and Reinforce the Meaning/Relevance/Power of the Liberal Arts

As a university, Bemidji State recognizes the importance of acknowledging (to the community) and teaching (to our students) fundamental relevance of the liberal arts.

Strategy C: Redouble our Emphasis on Innovation, Access, Persistence and Student Success

As a regional, comprehensive university, Bemidji State recognizes the power of innovation, the importance providing access to a broad range of students, and the relevance of persistence in producing student success.

Strategy D: Strengthen Our Capacity to Provide an Education of Enduring Worth

Student success (completion, placement, meaningful engagement in society) is a collaborative effort.

Strategy E: Ensure adequate resources to achieve university goals by increasing engagement and philanthropic support.

Passionate about its role in shaping lives, BSU is embarking on a fundraising campaign that ensures its longevity, sharpens its educational focus, enriches its learning environment, and boosts its distinctiveness.

Strategy F: Charting the Future and Strengthen Institutional Performance

The Minnesota State Colleges and Universities are essential to Minnesotas economic success and social fabric and have been since the Minnesota Legislature authorized Winona Normal School (now Winona State University) in 1858. We fulfill our promise to Minnesota by being places of hope and opportunity where all Minnesotans can create better futures for themselves, their families and their communities. We believe every Minnesotan regardless of age, economic status, cultural background, disability, immigrant status, or place of residence deserves the opportunity for an excellent education. To deliver on this promise, our energies and resources are focused on the core commitments articulated in our Strategic Framework:

  1. Ensure access to an extraordinary education for all Minnesotans,
  2. Be the partner of choice to meet Minnesotas workforce and community needs,
  3. Deliver to students,  employers, communities and taxpayers the highest value/most affordable option

The first Strategic Framework Performance Metric Report for Bemidji State University was released in May of 2013. In the report there are historical trends for 19 metrics reported for BSU. The performance metrics were developed in consultation with several constituency groups. The university institutional research directors participated in the development of definitions, data sources and reporting standards for the metrics. Consultation with the IR Group on the methods for setting improvement goals is currently underway. In addition to the discussions of the metrics with the Leadership Council, the chief academic and student affairs officers, deans and chief finance officers have been consulted.