College of Arts, Education & Humanities

Dr. Jim Barta
Dean, College of Arts, Education & Humanities

Preparing for an Ever-Changing World

Faculty in the College of Arts, Education, and Humanities (CAEH) and provide students with an active learning environment that prepare students for a variety of careers, graduate and post-baccalaureate professional study, and life in an ever-changing global context. The College’s multiple degree programs include 34 majors and 28 minors.

The College emphasizes  programs that are highly integrative, interdisciplinary and closely linked with professional studies in other colleges. These linkages strengthen skills valued by employers, including critical thinking, writing and ethical reasoning.

Becoming Independent, Creative Thinkers

Faculty in CAEH promote excellence, encourage creativity and innovation, and foster increased multicultural awareness so students consider alternative ways of knowing and doing. CAEH students learn to become independent learners, critical thinkers and effective communicators. Students in the College learn to embrace ambiguity, formulate important questions, search for answers and develop a vision for life that transcends limited perspectives.

Learning through Cooperative Relationships

Our faculty members work closely with individual students to develop a cooperative learning relationship that motivates students to achieve the highest levels of academic excellence. Students begin to fashion a view of life that is creative and intellectually defensible in this closely linked and highly pluralistic world.

Expanding Perspectives through the Liberal Education Core

The college offers a number of classes that serve as the core of Bemidji State University’s Liberal Education program, which is required of all BSU students. This core prepares BSU graduates to become responsible citizens, environmental stewards and future leaders in a multicultural society. Within their major areas of study, students often add minors and emphasis areas to fulfill personal and career goals.

Sharing Acclaimed Expertise

College faculty members take pride in their collective reputation as outstanding teachers, researchers, writers, linguists and performers. Their professional standing brings them, the college and the University local, national and international recognition and acclaim. They draw upon their expertise and stature to create an exciting, challenging and rewarding learning environment for students.