Center for Sustainability Studies


Geology is a vibrant and diverse program that educates future geoscientists and drives cutting-edge interdisciplinary research addressing some of Earth’s most pressing issues impacting humanity. We explorediscoverinnovate, and teach integrative and interdisciplinary geology courses, including hydrogeology, environmental geophysics, soils, mineralogy & petrology, sedimentology and stratigraphy, Physical & Historical Geology, glacial & Pleistocene geology, Planetary sciences. Our faculty, graduate, and undergraduate students are active in hydrogeology; mineralogy; geophysics; paleontology; geohazards & Natural disasters, volcanology, geology of American national parks and sedimentology and stratigraphy.

We encourage interdisciplinary approaches to research in the geosciences, both within the department and through interdepartmental programs in Center for Sustainability Studies.


Our faculty, staff and students work in several fundamental and applied areas important to earth, energy and environment that includes mineral and energy resources, soils, geological hazards, and geochemistry, as well as surface- and ground water resources.


 With department’s facilities, distinguished faculty, and a strong sense of community, our program is ideally situated to support you through your minor in geology and your prospective professional career. We take science education seriously, and have exceptional teaching and laboratory facilities, as well as access to some of the best field sites in Bemidji, Minnesota and the world.


 Geology is important to many areas important to humanity, from hazards to water and mineral resources to changing climate. We are training outstanding students to be stewards of our earth’s natural resources.

Geology Minor in the Academic Catalog