Costs, Scholarships and Employment

In-State Tuition Benefit:

  • All international students, including English Language Center (ELC) students, are eligible for BSU’s in-state (resident) tuition rate.
  • International students pay the same tuition per semester as students from Minnesota.
  • There are no special requirements to receive and maintain this benefit.
  • BSU offers high-quality education at an affordable price.

2019-2020 International Student Estimated Cost Breakdown for One Academic Year.

Approximate costs for two semesters as a full-time international student residing on campus in a double-occupancy room with a meal plan:

Tuition/fees:    $9,064
Room/board:    $8,652
Miscellaneous expenses:    $4,017
 — Health insurance:    $1,800
 — Orientation fee:       $100
 — Books/supplies
(may be less for ELC students):
 — Personal/transportation:    $1,300
TOTAL: $21,733

For further details on how our tuition and fees are calculated and what services they cover, click here.

Scholarship Opportunities

All new international students are eligible for the International Student Merit Award (ISMA).

International students are not eligible to receive federal or state loans and grants. At this time, international students are not eligible for automatic “New Freshman Scholarships.”

On-campus employment

International students who are enrolled full-time are eligible to apply to work on-campus. Please note that the maximum pay an international student can earn on campus is currently around $700 per month. For more information, see “International Student Employment” which includes “Regular payroll positions” at Student Employment. Please see each of those websites for particulars.