BSU and NTC students have many options for employment during each semester to develop relevant skills and get a reliable source of income while accommodating your course and extracurricular schedule.

Discover your eligibility criteria, including minimum credit requirements and enrollment verification, to ensure you meet the necessary conditions for working on campus. Explore the different types of employment, such as Regular Payroll and Work Study, each offering unique opportunities and requirements.


Phone: (218) 755-2850
Location: Deputy 203B


To be eligible to work on campus, you must be enrolled in a minimum of 6 credits during the academic year. If you drop below 6 credits, your employment will be terminated. To work over the semester break or the summer, you must verify that you are enrolled for the following semester.

Students can work a maximum of 8 hours a day, 20 hours a week and 40 hours a pay period (every two weeks) during the school term. During the summer, students can work a maximum of 8 hours a day, 40 hours a week and 80 hours a pay period.

PSEO students are not allowed to work under any type of student employment.

Review important dates and deadlines, wage rates and hour limits.

Regular Payroll Employment

Many departments employ students with ‘regular payroll’ funds. The wages and terms of employment are similar to work study employment, however, students do not need to apply for financial aid in order to be eligible for a regular payroll position.

Work Study Employment

Students who are awarded work study are eligible to seek employment in a work study position. Funds for work study employment are provided as a part of your financial aid offer by the state or federal government and come with requirements, as for all financial aid, that you continue to progress in your studies; see the Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy for more details.

If you are awarded work study, you will need to accept your award in e-Services. Print the 2023-2024 Work Study Authorization form and take the form with you when applying for a work study position. Your work study earnings will be processed bi-weekly on the student payroll system. You can sign up for direct deposit in e-Services. Earnings will not be credited to your student bill unlike other aid programs.

Summer Employment

A number of departments hire students to work full-time over the summer. These positions can be rewarding and help build experience in addition to providing money for your educational expenses. Students may work up to 66 days during their summer employment period.

Students must have at least 6 credits or more to not have FICA deducted. FICA will be deducted if a student routinely works more than 30 hours/week.

Finding Employment

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For questions regarding job postings, contact (218) 755-2038 or

Current Open Student Positions

Review and apply for the current on-campus student employment opportunities.

Hiring Procedures

Bring your authorization form, completed by you and your supervisor, to the Student Employment Office (D203B).

  • If you have work-study, you will have to complete the top portion of the 2023-2024 Work Study Authorization form. Your award letter will include your work-study award amounts. Have your supervisor fill out the bottom portion of the form and bring it to the Student Employment Office.
  • If you have regular payroll, your supervisor will have an authorization form for you or you can pick one up at the Student Employment Office.

Employment Verifications

A signed release needs to be received along with the document you need to be completed. Please contact to complete this process.

First-Time Student Employees

If you have never worked on campus before, you will need to bring the following original items up to Deputy 203B during business hours to complete employment paperwork:

  • US Citizens
    1. Social Security Card or Birth Certificate (original or certified copy) and
    2. Current photo ID (Driver’s License or BSU/NTC ID) or current Passport or Passport Card
  • International students
    1. I20 and
    2. I94 and
    3. Current Passport and
    4. Social Security Card (If you do not have a Social Security Card, please stop at the Student Employment office in Deputy 203B.)

This documentation needs to be completed before you can begin working.

Once we have all the needed forms on file, an e-timesheet will be made available for you through eServices.

Getting Paid

  • Timesheet Submission. E-timesheets are required to be submitted through eServices to your supervisor for approval, every two weeks based on this year’s payroll schedule. Review the directions for submitting your e-timesheet.
  • Direct Deposit. Paychecks can be directly deposited into a bank account or mailed to your permanent address. You can initiate and maintain direct deposit banking information through your BSU e-Services account.
  • Checks. If you do not set up direct deposit, a check will be mailed to your permanent address on file with the Records office.

Updating Your W-4

Students may update their withholding during the year. You will need to complete two W-4 forms, a Federal and State form. The originals need to be dropped off at the student employment office in Deputy 203B.