Here’s the deal for Fall 2021: In-person classes, events and activities. No restrictions. No masks required. You can even have a roommate again.

We're back!

Here’s the deal for Fall 2021: In-person classes, events and activities. No restrictions. No masks required. You can even have a roommate again.

For more than a year, Bemidji State University has been operating mostly remotely. Students have been learning from home, and we’ve been teaching and offering support and services from our homes. Now, with more and more Minnesotans becoming vaccinated every day, it’s time to return to normal. It’s time for us to see students again — in our classrooms, on our sidewalks, in our residence halls, in the stands at athletic events. Here’s what this means:


If you haven’t done it yet, we strongly encourage — but do not require — you to get vaccinated against COVID-19. Vaccines are widely available for any Minnesotan who is at least 16 years old. Many locations are offering same-day, walk-in vaccinations with no appointment needed.

Masks & Distancing

The Minnesota Department of Health will not be requiring colleges and universities to enforce distancing or the use of masks or face coverings.

  • No physical distancing, indoors or out — not six feet, not three feet, nothing. Go ahead, give your friends a high five or a hug.
  • While masks are not required of anyone, at any time, anywhere on campus, you are free to continue wearing a mask. It’s your choice. Many members of our community will surely join you, and we will support that decision 100 percent.


BSU is returning to our pre-COVID-19 stance of offering the vast majority (about 70 percent) of our fall course sections on campus and in person. Courses that were taught online prior to the pandemic may remain online, but in-person, on-campus classes are back.

On-campus housing

Residence halls will be open at expanded capacity and operating as they did pre-pandemic. You can even have a roommate again if you wish. On-campus dining will also be open at all locations with no seating restrictions or mask requirements.

Student services and support

Our staff are returning to campus over the summer, and many offices are already staffed in person and on campus. Starting July 1 and continuing through August 12, the remaining offices will transition back to campus and will be available to serve and support you, in person and on campus, during their business hours.


All 15 Beaver Athletics programs will be in action, with home games for you to attend with your friends and families starting in August. Football. Soccer. Volleyball. Homecoming. Intramurals. All of it. We’re back.

COVID-19 Response

We are prepared to handle any individual cases of COVID-19 that may appear on our campus. If you are worried about exposure or if you have COVID-19 call our COVID-19 hotline at (218) 755-2901.

It’s time. We are excited to welcome you back to campus, and we cannot wait to see you. Have any questions? I have a question

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